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Re: [CHAT]: How pets affect our mental health.

I love pets! Such great companionship and they're can be very entertaining at times too! Smiley Tongue


I own a little, black and white puppy dog, by the name of know because she's black AND white like a Magpie Smiley Tongue

AND no, she does not support the AFL football club, Collingwood Smiley Tongue


Here's my adorable little furball Smiley Happy




Now aren't that cute?! Admit it Smiley Tongue


And here's one of her in a box...because well, she's just that small, even now she's thirteen years old! I don't knoq how many years in dog years that is but she's surely a senior citzen by now haha Smiley Very Happy



Re: [CHAT]: How pets affect our mental health.

Hello, I made it Smiley Happy I might get a bit emotional during this, mainly because I'm watching season finales and they have some of the best music that really gets to me, you know how some songs do that? So sorry if I get a bit dramatic Smiley Tongue

Tell us a bit about your pets? If you don’t have pets, tell us what sort of pet you would like!
I have had four dogs, four cats, a fish (although really it's near twenty fish in our household because my bro can't seem to keep them alive) and three birds. The cats are mainly by brother's and sister's, we've only had one at a time though. Our current cat, Ruby, is probably insane and loves cuddles in winter or when she's hungry. Although I think she's upset with me now because I've got a laptop on my lap where she should be Smiley Tongue We've only had two dogs at a time, Cody and Max, then Max and Gracie and now Gracie and Odin. Poor Gracie is our only girly girl Smiley Tongue Odin is a cross between Cody and Max's breeds, he is an adorable troublemaker who is obsessed with food. Literally OBSESSED with food. Gracie is a mix of things and is also adorable, loves cuddles and hates water unless she must or it's the ocean (apparently Smiley Tongue). Max and Cody were absolute sweethearts who have fortunately passed on but never forgotten Smiley Happy I see Cody's face every time I look at Odin, despite Cody being a white dog and Odin black Smiley Tongue and Max in his fur. Now for the birds, I've got two budgies, Jack and Tiff, some of you have met them. We also had a sun conure, but eventually he had to go to another home because I couldn't handle his screeching. The fish were from when we were younger, they were fighter fish I think. My sis and I each had one while my brother had quite a few, who kept dying and were buried in our backyard.

And those are my pets! Technically only the birds are mine, but I call Gracie mine because I was the only one who ever walked her (which I must get back into!).

Re: [CHAT]: How pets affect our mental health.

Hey @redhead! That's so annoying!


Any names in mind for them? A pet sheep is pretty unique - what made you choose a sheep?

Re: [CHAT]: How pets affect our mental health.

Re: [CHAT]: How pets affect our mental health.

@Ben-RO I've always wanted one since I was little
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
-Icon for Hire

Re: [CHAT]: How pets affect our mental health.

@redhead A sheep! I like that idea...and how you'd train it Smiley Happy If my dad had things hs way, we'd probably have a cow and a few sheep grazing out the back right now! Smiley Tongue

Re: [CHAT]: How pets affect our mental health.

@khaleesi_18 ahhh Missy is adorable!!

@redhead that sounds awesome. Do you have any names or any ideas on what breeds (mainly for dogs though, because cats are all cats Smiley Tongue)

@Ben-RO how is Luna strange? I could definitely say the same about Ruby! P.S she's adorable! That is a stunning picture!

@Butterfly Wings Maggie is adorable. She is definitely a senior citizen know but she's aged wonderfully! Smiley Tongue I love the story behind her name, it's so cool!

Re: [CHAT]: How pets affect our mental health.

@redhead my dream pet would be a pet pig! But a sheep would be a close second. There's one in my home town that lives on a leash in the front yard of a person's house, he comes up for a pet and headbutts you if you don't scratch him behind the ears Smiley Tongue They seem REALLY smart too

Re: [CHAT]: How pets affect our mental health.

Hey @Butterfly Wings! Maggie is so scruffy!


@N1ghtW1ng always good to have you here! That is an amazing list of pets! They sounds like they are all indiviudal characters with big personalities

Re: [CHAT]: How pets affect our mental health.

Maggie has indeed aged wonderfully. I don't know how she does it! Smiley Tongue