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Re: [CHAT] How to help a friend

Woah! I was stuck on the one screen and didn't see the convo had progressed!

Thanks Mods for this sesh again.

Finally, my one thing for self care this week is to live more compassionately towards myself. And walk away from worries. I'm hoping that makes me a better, wiser friend.

Good night all!! x

Re: [CHAT] How to help a friend

"That's when I have to be my own best friend and help myself." @Bronte9 I actully really like that saying! I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in other people that we forget about ourselves and then we need to step back and assess the situation - our situation.

Re: [CHAT] How to help a friend

Thanks for talking to us tonight @Bronte9 !

Hope you have a good night! Smiley Very Happy

Stay excellent

Re: [CHAT] How to help a friend

Alrighty! Thanks to everyone who joined us here tonight Heart


Here's our wrap-up!


A good friend
A good friend is fun, loyal, honest, non-judgemental and supportive. It’s great to have someone who can see you through the good, the bad, and the ugly – and keep you grounded. You don’t have to see them all the time to be BFFs. Even if you catch up on the good ol’ days to new adventures, friends with such traits can be rare to find at times. Catch-up dates and almighty trust is what gets our friendships through Smiley Happy


Lending a helping hand
Your friend may need some help with practically anything or everything! No matter the size, it’s all about helping out. It could be everyday life stuff like borrowing something, a lift, or a small favour. This could also be huge things like recovering from relationship troubles, going through a rough patch, or trying to overcome a massive challenge in their life. Whether chatting to your friend that you’re there for them or motivating them to try new activities, it’s the little (and big) things that count.


Signs that your friend might need your help
If your friend is being reclusive, avoidant or acting out of the ordinary, these could be signs that they may need your help. Feeling down or moody are clues too, especially if they become really frustrated about little things more than usual or being a douchebag.


Help Wanted
When life throws you a bad curveball, it’s comforting to know that your friends are there for you. Whether family life isn’t great, just hanging out, going on roadtrips and doing the activities that you would usually do with them serves as a great distraction. Sometimes, a friend may have helped you when they didn’t even realise it!


Tips to tough times
Sharing lollies, inviting them out to eat something yummy, sitting back at your place, or talking it out are some ways to help out a friend going through a tough time. Listening to your friend without giving advice, giving up a bit of your time,  or even initiating a conversation to find out what’s up are also super important. Sometimes, your friend may feel lonely, isolated, and reluctant to open up so providing an opportunity to finding positive steps forward.


When your friend doesn’t want help
Sometimes, a friend who’s going through tough times might not want your help. It can be difficult to deal with, especially when the situation is all over the place. Don’t force them to do something that they don’t want to do as in some cases, they may not feel like they can talk to you about anything. Checking up on them once in a while and saying that you’ll be around if they need any help could be easier on you to ease off. If you’re still super worried, you can also talk to someone else like a doctor, another friend, or a family member about what’s going on. You could also covertly slip them some info about ReachOut Smiley Wink

Your time for time out
Looking out for someone can be really exhausting at times. Don’t ever blame the person you’re helping for what’s happening to you; no matter how stressful things get.  If you’re in a bad mood and/or the situation just seems the same, it could a sign to take some time out for awhile. If you’re experiencing negative thoughts, it’s good to do your own check-up to see what you can do to improve your mood. Having a lovely warm bubble bath, going to bed half an hour early, getting out of the house and going down to the shops (emotional shopping!), getting a quick snack or going for a run are spectacular ways to recover.


Services to help with struggles
It can more difficult than we ever imagined to get help for a friend. But it’s also important to know what’s out there for you too. Services like Lifeline, KHL, beyondblue, headspace, and all of us here on ReachOut (!) can lend an ear to hear you out! Talking to friends, family, school/uni counsellors, and professionals like psychologists are also people that you can chat to too!


Self-care for the week
Getting more sleep, taking it easy and going with the flow, setting boundaries, re-assessing your priorities and commitments are some of our tips to self-care for the week! It’s all about being your own best friend and helping yourself.


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Stay excellent

Re: [CHAT] How to help a friend

Wow, awesome summary @Myvo !!


I hope everyone had a wonderful GR sesh tonight, I know I did! Thanks everyone for joining in with us and contributing. It definitely wouldn't be the same without you guys (: