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[CHAT] I look after me

When you think about what self-care actually is, it really seems like a no brainer. Really, who wouldn’t want to do things that make them a happier, more mentally balanced and less stressed out person on a regular basis?




Even though it seems like a pretty obvious choice, a lot of us (me included) can be not too great at implementing self-care on a regular basis. Instead we might choose to do things that are easier or take less mental energy, like maybe spending hours scrolling through Tumblr… Not that I would know anything about that.




There are a few reasons why we might slip up a little on practicing self-care. For many, self-care can seem like it’s optional or even a bit selfish. In a world where we’re constantly pushing ourselves to achieve more and do more to reach strict ideas of what makes a “good life” it can be difficult to feel like you’re justified in taking time out to look out for your own needs. Self-care is something that we all need to do once in a while, no ifs, ands or buts.




So what actually makes something self-care? Self-care can be a really individual thing for different people, for example for one person going for a run would be self-care but for another it might mean baking a cake. All self-care, no matter what it entails, has one thing in common. Self-care all involves taking time to look after you, whether that’s physically, emotionally or mentally.  




Want to learn more about self-care and how you can make it a bigger part of your life? Great! Come and join @safari93 and @Chessca_H on Monday 20th, 8pm AEST as we chat about looking after yo’self.



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Re: [CHAT] I look after me

Hey everyone!!


Tonight's GR Session is on self-care - all of the things you do to look after yourself, stay healthy and treat yo'self. I'm here with @Chessca_H and we will be moderating tonight's chat!


Before you jump right in, have a look at our community guidelines, and make sure to keep them in mind during the session. If things get a little intense, you can always check out our emergency help.


So let's get started!!!!!


1. What do you think self-care is? Why do you think it is important?


I think self-care is sort of like staying healthy in a way, but more inclusive. It's not just about being physically healthy and eating well, but also taking time out for yourself and knowing that your mental and emotional health is just as important as your physical health

Re: [CHAT] I look after me

Hey everyone, really looking forward to tonight's sesh!


What do you think self-care is? Why do you think it is important?

I think it's just an all inclusive term for generally looking after yourself, mentally physically and emotionally. Saying that, it kinds of seems to take on extra meaning in mental health seeing as it generally isn't considered very often normally

Re: [CHAT] I look after me

1. What do you think self-care is? Why do you think it is important?


Self care is important for staying physically, emotionally and mentally healthy and maintaining a good well being.  Self care can't really be described because there are many ways people take care of them selves and not everything works for everyone.

Re: [CHAT] I look after me

@safari93 so many people don't realise that they're all equally important, it's so frustrating when people treat emotional/mental needs like they aren't worth as much :/

Re: [CHAT] I look after me

@Chessca_H definitely, I don't think the term 'self-care' has been around very long! But I think the idea of taking time out or having 'me-time' has been going on for ages, but it's never had the same important connotation as 'self-care'

Re: [CHAT] I look after me

Oh hey!

1. What do you think self-care is? Why do you think it is important?


To me, self-care is looking after yourself, to counteract the stress you deal with in everyday life and to help keep you in tip top mental health.

I think it is important as it keeps you grounded and I know that when I am practicing self-care, I'm not thinking about anything. Basically it gives your brain a break from all the stressing and worrying that accompany us every day.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: [CHAT] I look after me

@FootyFan26 welcome!! I definitely agree, finding an all-inclusive definition for self-care is hard because it means so many different things to different people

Re: [CHAT] I look after me

@stonepixie hello!! I know that when I set aside time for self-care I have to 'unplug' myself from the outside world, which tends to ease a lot of the worries that I feel 

Re: [CHAT] I look after me

@stonepixie that's such a good point, not many of us spend enough time really clearing our minds!