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[CHAT] It's time to learn a new skill!

Does the idea of braving something 'new' scare you off a bit? Have you ever insisted that you would pick up a sport/learn to play an instrument/take up language classes if only you had more time?

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The fear of doing something for the first time or being too ‘busy’ for extra commitments are very common excuses for why many of us are discouraged from learning new skills. But as affirmed by this article from ReachOut, there are vast rewards to be reaped from setting a new challenge for yourself.


  • You’re likely to uncover hidden strengths and talents which is a great confidence booster!

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  • Honing new skills can also complement your work and studies – computer coding anyone?


  • If the thought still terrifies you, remember that you don’t have to embark on this journey alone! Trying out new things with like-minded people can also cultivate opportune bonding experiences and help you feel part of a team!


So what does it take to learn how to ski/knit/cook/sing/hoola-hoop etc.?


For a lot of us, the main hurdle to overcome is fear of failure. The challenge is to have belief in our abilities and use them to our advantage by trying something new and stimulating. It might stretch us out of our comfort zones and require some commitment. But a newly discovered skill would help us become more proactive and enhance self-esteem in the long run!




Join us on Monday, 16th March, 8pm AEST, to chat more about what skills you want to learn and how to make that first move!


Re: It's time to learn a new skill!

Hey guys, welcome to tonight’s Getting Real Session!

We’re inviting you to share times when you decided to take a risk and learn a new skill, whether it be school or work-related, personal or social.

This is also a chance for us to motivate each other to take the plunge and pick up a new skill!!!

We know it’s not always easy. You might be really busy or feel like you lack confidence.

Hopefully after tonight’s session, you’ll be able to set your mind to learning something new and uncovering more of your hidden talents!




Re: It's time to learn a new skill!


Re: It's time to learn a new skill!

Hey @tsnyder glad to have you join us!

Re: It's time to learn a new skill!

Happy Monday everyone ! Cat Very Happy


Welcome to tonight's Getting Real session!!! Tonight Student94 and I (OrangeOliver) will be co-faciliating. We are chatting about LEARNING NEW SKILLS!!


So thank you all for coming tonight, it shall be an awesome night Smiley Happy


As you all know, it is important to keep to the forum guidelines please have a read if you haven't already and if at any time you need to talk, check the emergency tab at the top right and get some support. 


So to start us off tonight:

What skills do you possess??

Re: It's time to learn a new skill!

What skills do you possess??


I cook a mean brunch and also consider myself to be pretty approachable

Re: It's time to learn a new skill!

For me, it's a little bit of a few things. I play the drums a little, speak a little Spanish, and I think I'm fairly decent at sports.

Re: It's time to learn a new skill!

What skills do you possess??


Hmm, at the top of my head, I can study, write, sing, cook and journal.

Re: It's time to learn a new skill!

Awesome! @tsnyder
What does brunch usually consist of???

Re: It's time to learn a new skill!

@tsnyder being approachable is such an important social skill to have Smiley Happy