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[CHAT]: Keeping friendships after High School?

For most of us, friends are huge part of our lives because they've become family; someone who we can count on; someone who we make great memories with. 



forming friendships aren't always the easiest thing to do and making them last after high school is probably one of our biggest goals. it's not always smooth sailing, there are occasionally some problems that we face that makes us question our own friendships. i know that I'm worried and scared about graduating but i know my friends will always be there to help me and make me smile!


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So on Monday the 31st July at 7:30 pm, AEST come and join us in discussing ways to make new friends and how to friendships last. We can also have a go at sharing ways to overcome problems to lessen the stress! This GR will be all about friendships, so feel free to share best memories with your friends, what makes them your friends, if you have a best friend and why they're your best friend. if you have anymore ideas, feel free to drop them down below!


"Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest. It's about who came, and never left your side." - Unknown.

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Hey Guys!

Just a reminder that the GR is on tonight at 7:30 pm AEST! if you have any suggestions on the questions you want to ask or answer feel free to ask them tonight!

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Hey guys! the GR starts in 10 mins Smiley Happy

Re: [CHAT]: Friendships

Welcome to this weeks GR. Tonight is all about friendship! Lets talk about friendship, keeping friends and how to make new ones.






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Hello! Smiley Happy

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GR reminder @roseisnotaplant @j95 @FootyFan26 @nc_reachout13 (sorry I haven't been consistent enough!)

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Cheers @RevzZ! Smiley Very Happy

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