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Re: [CHAT] Let's go travelling!

Oh you guys all have great points.

I think how travelling affects your mental health might have a bit to do on your frame of mind to begin with. Travelling won't necessarily cure anything if you're not in the best place to begin with.

I also had a terrible travelling experience when I was very depressed, and could barely get myself to get up each day, which was pretty shitty. So yeah, it all depends I suppose.

Re: [CHAT] Let's go travelling!

I agree @OrangeOliver - you seem to do a lot of walking whilst traveling, but you also seem to eat and drink a lot more than usual!


Mentally traveling can be super beneficial, but also incredibly tough. You also might not have the usual support system you would have at home.

Re: [CHAT] Let's go travelling!

Do you think travelling benefits your physical, mental and spiritual health? Why/Why not?


Physical: Very relaxing good for your bodyyyyy


Mental: Very relaxing good for your mental health (for a month or so after my travel I coudnt help thinking how lucky I was as a person and how many good opportunities and experiences I have)


Spiritial: There is a lot of benefits especially if your in a tranquil environment and you get a lot of time to realise whats really important in life (like travelling and being with close friends) ---> dont evne know if thats spiritual but whatever ;P

Re: [CHAT] Let's go travelling!

Excellent points raised as usual @Troy! Very insightful Smiley Happy

Re: [CHAT] Let's go travelling!

@florenceforever wrote:

It sounds like you had a very interesting experience @Georgie!


I've also learnt recently how to enjoy my own company. Are you glad you went through those challenges? Would you do it all again? 

Oh absolutely! I think it's wonderful to challenge yourself in these ways. It really helps to reconnect with who you are and what you value. My favourite bit was taking myself out to dinner, and just being like 'yep, I am totally by myself and I am still enjoying this experience'.


I have to say, I still prefer travelling with someone else though Smiley Happy

Re: [CHAT] Let's go travelling!

I'm sorry to hear you had such a horrible experience whilst traveling @Georgie Smiley Sad It must have been an awful thing to deal with whilst being away from home. How did you manage? 

Re: [CHAT] Let's go travelling!

Following on from @Georgie's point on traveling with people:

Question 7: Who do you like going travelling with?

Re: [CHAT] Let's go travelling!

@Georgie I agree with your point about how your frame of mind influences whether travelling is beneficial or not to your mental health.

The more open I felt about going to new places, the more fun it was because I could appreciate the things I could see around me. I remember crying in the backseat of a car because I wanted to go home (where we stayed overseas) instead of going out at night to another place.

Re: [CHAT] Let's go travelling!

@florenceforever - Yeah, I was only interstate, but sort of travelling/working/living kind of thing. I tried lots of different self care kind of things, wrote myself timetables and schedules for each day, but really it was just a bit of a wake up call that I wasn't doing very well, so I ended up returning home and seeking professional help again to help me feel better Smiley Happy

Re: [CHAT] Let's go travelling!

My family so I don't have to worry about them!

Maybe some VERY close friends.