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Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

@Magga  I'm a bit of a multi-instrumentalist: I play flute, saxophone, and sing.  (I also play piano but I'm definitely not good enough to perform on that!)  You?

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

I'll take away the great ideas about identifying signs of stress, and ways to make sure you look after yourself, even when you're not able to manage your thoughts. 

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

Probably @florenceforever's tip of listing coping strategies/ making posters. That was a great one and I think it would really work for me.

Good night all! Thanks for a great session. It was great to read everyone's thoughts, and get refresher on my own coping strategies and how I can use them Smiley Happy. Big thanks @Magga and @SJG for facilitating too Smiley Happy

Have a great week all!

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

Thanks @delicatedreamer Smiley Happy see you soon! have a great week Smiley Happy

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

caity, that's so cool! Wish I could play all of those. I play mainly drums, but I also do a bit of guitar. I also got a harmonica for my birthday... Smiley Tongue should be fun. 

I think I'll be taking away some of these coping strategies too! So many good ideas. I'll make sure to try them next time I'm stressed Smiley Happy 

Here's a quick summary of tonight's session:


Some people talked about struggling with uni, while others struggled with personal and mental health issues. Everyone seems to rely on friends and family to help them get by, and it seems important to take some time off to get things back to normal before getting into anything too stressful. Also important – seeing a counsellor/psychologist! If you're experiencing any kind of emotional or mental health difficulties, the most obvious (and best) thing you can do is to talk to someone who knows how to deal with these sorts of problems.

So when things do get tough, how can we cope? There are so many ways! Talking to someone, socialising, doing art, listening to music, positive thinking, and allocating time to think about the things that are bothering us (to identify issues and fix them). Writing is also good – whether it be writing a list, or writing down the things that are wrong to get a clearer picture. Going for a walk, reading, and playing games are also great ways to deal with stress!

As mentioned before, uni is a big area that people struggle with. Work, social life, relationships, and our own selves can also be a challenge to deal with. So how do we deal with these? Asking for help, talking to the counsellor, committing to coping strategies and hobbies, watching tv, playing music, exercising, socialising...

Stress can lead to all sorts of mental and physical issues. Depression and anxiety are the big ones – but there's really no telling what effect excess stress will have on you. It's important to try to exercise regularly, take time to be alone, spend time with friends, eat healthy, and be self-aware. Self-awareness is important because if you don't know what causes your stress, you can't possibly do anything to fix it!

It's easy to recognise the signs if you've been through it yourself – not attending uni, not handing in assignments, sleeping late and refusing to get out of bed, drinking a lot, eating a lot, mood swings, if they seem extra quiet (or extra manic). It's important to listen to friends and be there for them – if you see any telltale signs of mental illness, ask your friend if they're ok!

After so much serious talk, we had a chat about good tunes to listen to when we're feeling stressed! Top suggestions included Never Gonna Give You Up, Come On Eileen, Shannon Noll's Lift...and many others.

Thanks for coming guys, great session! Hope you all got something out of it. Have a great night, see you next week! Smiley Happy 

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

Goodnight everybody and thanks heaps for joining us tonight!! We had a great session i think, hopefully see you all next time, i know im feeling a little better about my issues after this and i hope you all are too Smiley Happy

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

i just remembered a good band vancouver sleep clinic always helps me 


//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

Thanks for moderating guys, it was a great session! Night all xx