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[CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

There is a saying that goes "Give thanks to those who did you wrong. They unknowingly have made you strong" and I'm really not sure if that's comforting or not??? If I said that to someone in the moment, I don't think it would go down well. But overall I kinda agree with the sentiment, except it's not the person who did you wrong that made you stronger it's the way you coped with the situation.




This weeks Getting Real session is all about the ways that we deal, cope and make it through tough times. From that amazing solution you came up with when you were too broke to pay your rent, to dealing with failing a subject at school or uni, or making it through that relationship breakup. I’ve been through all of those situations myself and they sure do suck. Sometimes life can feel like one big tough time but somehow eachtime I make it through and maybe even learn something from it.


We’re inviting you to come and share and get some ideas on how to deal with life’s pressures with us at 8pm this Monday night. With out the right support everyday struggles can lead to bigger mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and we just want to remind everyone that its ok, to not be ok. Talking through problems and getting some outside opinions or support can often put tough things into perspective.




We’ll also have some tips on where to get the help you need during these tough times, because help is definitely out there! So come join the gang and tell us your story, no problem is too small! Like for me… the other day I went and brought eggs and bacon and spinach and got home ready to cook up a delicious feast, and realized I had no bread for toast :’( #firstworldproblems. But seriously - we think you guys have some pretty amazing skills in getting yourself through life's speed bumps so lets have a chat! We’re all here to listen, and sometimes that is exactly what’s needed.

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

Hey guys! Welcome to tonight's Getting Real session. Over the next couple of hours we'll be talking about tough times and how to get through them – perfect for anyone who's currently swamped at uni, working too much, having relationship troubles, or anything else! I'm Magga, and moderating with me tonight is SJG. Please remember to follow the guidelines – other than that, let's have a great night!

If you feel like you're having trouble with anything we talk about tonight, please remember that there are loads of contact numbers at the top right corner of the page – check them out if you need it Smiley Happy


First question: Think of a time when you made it through a tough situation. What happened? How did you cope?

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

Hey everybody!!! I think im actually going through a bit of a tough time with uni and work right now!!! And im dealing with it by asking for help from friends in the same subjects and my tutors (after all thats what they're there for). And im also looking for some work that isnt really panning out, so ive been doing some commission paintings and budgeting hard!

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

I've been in lots of tough situations throughout the years. And I've used lots of different coping mechanisms to get through them.

One of the toughest has been being diagnosed with panic disoder and having to take a semester off uni. This was really hard for me. It threw my whole uni plan off balance and it's been tricky for me to catch up. However it had to be done because I couldn't keep going the way I was going. This is what I did:


- Acknowledged and accepted that I wasn't coping and got help. I got help from my GP, psychologist and a uni counsellor

- Worked with my psychologist and specifically focused on anxiety and panic attacks

- Cut down on my committments outside of university, as they made me busier and more stressed, which was a factor in the anxiety

- Took the opportunity of a couple of months off uni to relax. Read my books, lie in the sun, cook and spend quality time with my friends and family

- I then went to Asia for a month. I came back feeling fresh and ready to go back to uni.

I look back at it now as more of a half year gap year. I am back at uni now and doing really well. I use small strategies throughout the day to get through my anxiety.

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

Good on you for getting help with your uni stuff! Hope it goes well Smiley Happy

Commissioning paintings seems pretty cool, how is that going? Wish I could paint!

I went through a bit of a tough time last week - nothing major, but it's something! - when I thought I hadn't done well on an important exam. I was pretty stressed, so I talked to my mum and a couple of friends about it. Feeling much better now!

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

Hi @florenceforever !! Welcome to the session Smiley Happy Thanks so much for sharing i know that can be difficult. You have some really important tips there, acknowledging and accepting things like anxiety and despression can be really hard. But you made a really smart move going to your GP and psychologist. Ive been through similar things myself and also took a semester off uni to work through anxiety, taking the time to look after yourself and surrounding yourself with family and friends really makes a big difference!

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

florenceforever, awesome work! Sounds like a tough time, but good on you for seeking help and making the most of the time off. Sounds like it worked out even better than you expected!

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

Wow @SJG - I wish I could paint! I feel like I could be a creative person, and yet I put pencil to paper and it resembles a three year old's work...

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

Thanks @Magga ! Yeah the paintings are going well, its very time consuming and not very profitable but i enjoy it Smiley Happy Yeah i know that feeling!!! I was stressing hard this weekend and called my mum and talked everything through with her, made me feel so much better!!

Re: [CHAT] Life hacks for coping with tough times

We actually had GR session about creativity a couple of months ago, i think creativity is a way of thinking not necessarily having a particular skill! Maybe you are a creative thinker Smiley Happy @florenceforever