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Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

Does anyone else struggle with their self-concept and feeling down after experiencing a physical injury? This is one of the most potent  things that gets me

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

I think I'll definitely try that more @_sagira_ 


This time next week I'll be living in a new city to explore Smiley Happy 

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

@tsnyder I totally get that. I also feel like that my house is a good representation of me.. If it is a mess, generally my head is a mess.. so 9 times out of 10, I'll be smashing out a bulk amount of housework and thinking about what is on my mind. I find that helps me cope if it is something really deep and really bothering me.

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

Heya everyone, sorry I’m late to the party! Just had to de-stress myself.


Why are some people uncomfortable spending time in their own company?


For me, I think it is because they are afraid of their own mind. The way it wonders to faraway places, or perhaps they are dependent or they may just feel lonely whenever they are alone and don’t know how to deal with that feeling.

Growing up I hated being along, as I always thought that someone was watching me. I never really out grew this, turns out I suffer from paranoia caused by my dad being followed by PI’s when I was just a kid.


So what are some ways we can keep our time alone ('me-time') positive and constructive?


For me, I love to bury my head in a book or get my mind stuck on arts and crafts. Smiley Happy If I find my mind wondering, I immediately bring it back. It just comes naturally after all the practice I was doing last year. Smiley Happy But if the silence is too much to bare, I’ll put some music on or watch a movie / tv show.


I’m glad you said ‘some’ as there is just too many to list! Smiley Very Happy


In what situations do people most often find themselves on their own?


For me, it is when I am travelling or commuting. I know it is the same, yet, it is different. When everyone else is in bed or out of the house, but I enjoy the solitude, so …


But alone awkward is different, like agreeing to meet someone and they haven’t arrived yet.


The difference between being alone, lonely and in your own company?


For me, alone is when there is no one else around. Lonely is when you are surround by people (or alone) but do not feel a connection to anyone (human or animal). In your own company is when you enjoy the solitude, busy doing something / just lost in your own little world.


Why is it important that we learn how to enjoy our own company?


So that when we are alone, we never feel like we are lonely. Or if you are like me, you go through friends pretty regularly so being able to enjoy my own company is a must.


And you can’t run away from yourself!

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

@delicatedreamer even during winter and its not warm enough to swim i take a doona, sit in the car and watch the water

//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company



Not sure if this is the track you were going down but I think I have. I played tennis nationally, I traveled all around Australia playing until I was 15 - and was really quite good. Then I injured my wrist so badly that it will never recover properly. After it happened, I felt SO alone. I couldn't play tennis anymore It was like I had lost my identity

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

No worries!! Thanks for catching up.
I hope you are nice and destressed right now.
Sending positive vibes your way

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

@tsnyder wrote:

Does anyone else struggle with their self-concept and feeling down after experiencing a physical injury? This is one of the most potent  things that gets me

Ahhh...yeah in 2007 I did my ACL and four other structure in my knee while playing Netball. I had two surgeries...was you know...the one in a few where shit goes down and have had a dodgy knee ever since. Was on crutches for a year while in rehab for it. Was at home that whole time. This is very brief i know...but had to give up all forms of team sports and running. Took up yoga and have gotten back so much more mobility because of it.

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

That's an awesome idea @j95 taking a doona with you!! I may have to steal it Smiley Very Happy

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

@florenceforever have you found your identity again since then? that must have been really hard, specially at 15 Smiley Sad