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Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

Thank you everyone! Was fun. !! Smiley Happy Goodnight.

@tsnyder  ahhh...yeah...things go cray, cray in my head very much too though. I just constantly look at it as a challenge.

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

You guys just made me realise something! I really want to learn how to play the guitar. I have one, but it is at home, which is approximately 4 hours away. But it means I can put my new housemate's skills to the test.

He wants to be a music teacher.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

Thanks heaps for a great chat tonight @EloiseRose and @tsnyder.. I will definitely be back for another chat soon Smiley Happy

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

Thanks for an awesome hour and the opportunity to de-stress! Smiley Happy See you all next week?

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

So here’s the general summary, if you feel I missed something let me know! You were all really great, and contributed some awesome thoughts and pointers!

Why are some people against spending time by themselves?

Society and social norms have told us that being alone isn’t “cool” and puts us at risk of being a “loner”.

So what are some ways we can keep our time alone ('me-time') positive and constructive?

Find activities that we enjoy – for example, _sagira_ loves going out into nature and Alskies loves music and a good book for some escapism.

In what situations do people most often find themselves on their own?

Sometimes we find ourselves feeling lonely even in crowded social situations. J95 explained how truly connecting with someone and feeling heard and understood is hugely important in not feel lonely and isolated.

What’s the difference between being alone, lonely and in your own company?

Lonely – not heard or understood

In your own company – embracing being alone and enjoying time with yourself

There’s a common theory that introverts enjoying spending time by themselves more than extroverts – do you agree or disagree with this and why?

This was split. For example, Delicatedreamer agreed whilst EloiseRose disagreed. Perhaps we all exist somewhere along a continuum?

Why is it important that we learn how to enjoy our own company?

The general consensus was that, since we will always be with ourselves, learning to embrace our thoughts and personality is really beneficial. (_sagira_ had some really great and insightful points on this!)

What are some of the advantages/ positives of your own company?

@florenceforever posted an awesome list and also included how it gives us time to learn the ukulele, ride a unicycle and play a glockenspiel. Delicatedreamer talked about how it gives us a really great opportunity to look after your own mental wellbeing.

What have we learnt about enjoying and embracing our own company?

We discussed the importance of this, but also how it can be great for mental recovery and learning more about yourself and what makes you tick.

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company



Awesome same time 8-10 every monday ;-)

Different topics everyweek i hope to see you back

Re: [CHAT] Love your own company

Awesome I'll definitely be back next Monday Smiley Happy