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Re: [CHAT] Our frenemy alcohol

@j95 Mac and cheese forever!

Re: [CHAT] Our frenemy alcohol

Hey guys! Thank you for all pitching in tonight, it was so awesome having you here <3 Here's the summary for tonight chat!!! Smiley Happy


First of all we discussed what we thought alcohol was and you guys said things like:

  • About socialising
  • Defence mechanism
  • Reward system
  • Good time producer
  • Fun adder

And when/why we use it…..

  • To unwind after a long day/week
  • To help us relax
  • To get the party started
  • College culture
  • Parties
  • Social gatherings

There are many things that we need to keep an eye out for when we’re drinking, especially when there are large quantities of alcohol being consumed. Things we should look out for (in ourselves and our friends) when drinking a lot include; slurred words, losing balance/not walking right, drinking obviously too much in a short time frame, becoming aggressive, crying, confessing love for/becoming super interested in weird things, vomiting or passing out…. Real mood killers!


Becoming dependent on alcohol or even just drinking too much too often is really bad for a person’s mental and physical health and, sadly, it is quite common. Some red flags that you all suggested include; becoming psychologically and physically dependent, feeling the need to drink to get through the day/an event/a situation, always seem to have a glass of alcohol in hand having withdrawals.


There are many situations/events/places that are seriously ‘no drink zones’, although we may laugh at them, it does happen… Bummer! You guys gave us some rad answers:

  • Driving
  • When you’re on medication
  • Around small kiddies
  • At school
  • If you’re underage
  • Exams
  • To deal with negative feelings

Sometimes we have to be the helping friend and look after those who are a bit too wasted, you all had really rad ways of helping out your mates, let recap what you guys shared:

  • Give them water or food
  • Make sure someone, a trusted someone, stays with them.
  • Give them somewhere safe to stay (ie, don’t leave them on the floor at the party)
  • Don’t encourage bad/dangerous behaviour


Some tips that you guys shared for getting away with not drinking:

  • Being sneaky with the drinks
  • Pretend you’ve had some/enough already
  • Just say ‘No’
  • Say you’re being the desso driver
  • Avoid the drinking games
  • Making yourself SMELL like you’ve been drinking (caution, could get sticky!!!)
  • “I have to get up early tomorrow” “I have work”

We hear a lot in the media about 'Plan B' and drink driving, it’s obviously something we’ve got to think about at some stage, some ‘Plan Bs’ you guys shared included: catching taxis and other public transport, sleeping at a friend’s place, a motel, finding a designated driver, walking with friends... there are so many options!


There are also many reasons why people don’t drink, you guys said: medical reasons, family issues, bad past experiences, hate the taste, expensive, allergic, age or they just don’t want to…It’s important to remember that that’s okay, it’s their choice and it’s not good if you make them feel bad for that choice, R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!!


Looking after yourself after a big night can also be quite hard, especially if your head feels like it’s going to explode… but you guys suggested drinking ALL THE WATER!!!! Also Eating before you go to sleep, actually sleeping is pretty rad too


Re: [CHAT] Our frenemy alcohol

Thanks everyone for this awesome night! I learned a lot about what to do (and what not to do) around alcohol and parties!
Thanks @dreamcatcher and @SJG for facilitating tonight too and for everyone who joined in tonight!

I'm kicking it a little early but I need to get to sleep so I have less time to freak out over tomorrow. I've never experienced an exam/test where I've never been prepared before... should be fun!

Anyways, good night all and safe drinking! Robot Very Happy

Re: [CHAT] Our frenemy alcohol

Ok bed time for me, i so sleepy.


Thanks heaps for chatting with us tonight everyone you are all the best!! Our regulars are awesome x10000 And thanks to our newbies also, so great to have you and hope you enjoyed it Smiley Happy


See you next time!!!




Re: [CHAT] Our frenemy alcohol

Curse you j95, now I want mac and cheese.


Re: [CHAT] Our frenemy alcohol

GOOD LUCK @N1ghtW1ng !!!!! You will ace it, stress can be good for exams it helps you focus Smiley Happy