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Re: [CHAT] Pets! Pets! Pets!

And as always, you can keep chatting, although this ends the "organised" bit of our chat. Please do continue to spam us with memes though Smiley Happy



Re: [CHAT] Pets! Pets! Pets!

Spam you with memes? If you insist...


(Goodnight everyone, have a great week Smiley Very Happy )


Re: [CHAT] Pets! Pets! Pets!

Hi everyone, 


Sorry I am late to the party but wanted to add my 2 bobs worths. 


I have two guinea pigs (aka fluffy potatoes), Mackenzie and Beckett. They are adorable and are my world, they just turned 3 years old.

mackbecks2.jpgbeckett and mackezie.jpg


The hardest thing about having them is having to clean up after them, there are so many little poops everywhere, I am not joking. They can also be very susceptible to illness so I always have to be on the look out for any sickness. 


The best thing about them is that they give me so much support. Their little faces will always brighten my day no matter what. I have so many fun memories with them, even on some of my worst days. They are the best things in my life right now, I will be very sad when they pass. 


Have a great day everyone. Smiley Happy