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Re: [CHAT] Pets & other ways to feel good

Cya 'round on the forums @lokifish !

Re: [CHAT] Pets & other ways to feel good

Thanks to everyone for joining in tonight! It's been a great discussion, loads of awesome contributions and hilarious pet photos. Here's a summary of what we talked about - feel free to come back and have a look through for ideas in the future!

Dogs, cats, fish, and even a couple of bearded dragons! There are all sorts of pets out there, and it seems like everyone loves having them around. Mr Gusteyre looks especially dashing in that top hat!

We all love pets – but what about other people's pets? Why do we like watching videos of them so much? Well, apart from the fact that 'fuzzy animals are literally the best thing ever', the fact that humans have evolved to feel empathy and attachment to pets helps. They make us feel happy, and seeing them do things that we're too embarrassed to do is kind of a fun release. Also – they're just plain cute!

So aside from watching/spending time with pets, what else can give us a boost in good feels? All sorts of things, apparently! Cleaning the house, 'achieving things', nice smells (like soaps and shampoos), snapchat, hanging out with friends, spending time in nature...the list goes on!

We know what to do to increase our wellbeing – but what should we avoid? Well – procrastinating, sitting in silence, triggers, negative people, social media, and the news (makes sense – so much negativity!), to name a few. To stay positive, it's best to try to do some of the positive things instead of the negative. Hang out with friends, do something fun, or just find some way to relax. Stay clear of negativity!

So what little things can make us feel good when we're down? Chocolate, taking a bath, going for a walk, sleeping...and pets, of course! Seems like lizards may be just the thing to turn a bad day around. Other people enjoy reading, herbal tea, and the ever-charming Nathan Fillion. How could you not? Smiley Tongue
So what else is great for our wellbeing? People, of course! Our parents, family, friends...those who are closest and dearest to us tend to also be the best at making us feel good. Whether we rely more on friends or more on family isn't so important, as long as we all have someone. Of course, another source of positivity is the ReachOut forums! Awesome!
What sorts of things can we do if we start to notice our wellbeing starting to slip? How do we even know that we need to do something about it? Well, a lot of us seem to withdraw from social situations, get irritable, feel unmotivated and unhappy, and spend a lot more time in bed than we perhaps should. Some people even experience panic attacks. To combat these feelings, we can exercise or reach out to friends, or work to make some sort of change – set a new routine, destroy the old one, and reaffirm positive goals. It's important to realise that the feeling will eventually pass!

Have a great night all, get some sleep! Hope to see you here for next week's Getting Real session Smiley Happy 

Re: [CHAT] Pets & other ways to feel good

Thanks to everyone who participated for such a great session tonight! Hope to see you all around the forums Smiley Very Happy