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[CHAT] Romantic Relationships

Romantic relationships can be a wonderful and rewarding experience and sometimes they can be tough and difficult. There's many reasons someone might choose to be in a relationship and many places where you can meet people and build a relationship. 



Relationships can also end, and sometimes those break-ups can be tough. But that doesn't mean it's the end. Check out this article here on break-up coping tips before the chat. 


Whether you’re happily single, happily taken or looking to find someone, come join us on Monday 23rd July at 7:30pm AEST for a chat on romantic relationships! 

Re: [CHAT] Romantic Relationships

Hello and welcome to tonight's chat! (10 minutes early, oops!) It's all about strategies for dealing with bullies and things we can do to help ourselves and others!



If at all you find this conversation distressing or you feel like you need to talk to someone, about an issue then it's time to get some help! You can call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or use their webchat and email services found on their respective sites. The links can be found here. If you are new here then welcome! Have a quick peek at our community guidelines you can find them here!

Re: [CHAT] Romantic Relationships

Alrighty everyone, now is time for our GR on Romantic Relationships! Don't forget to check the post above for some important information Smiley Happy 

@keezeik @Birdeye @DirtWitch @DruidChild @litgym @scared01 (no pressure to join if you don't want to Smiley Happy)


Our first question of tonight is (10 minutes late because the forums don't like me tonight): 

1. What are some pros and cons of being in a romantic relationship?

Re: [CHAT] Romantic Relationships

All of my answers tonight will be coming from an aromantic person. Which basically means I have literally no idea what a romantic feeling even feels like but hopefully I do romantic relationships some justice (even though I'm sick to death of them in media)

1. What are some pros and cons of being in a romantic relationship?
Pros: having someone there for you. A shoulder to lean on. An automatic friend at any events or gatherings. Romance feelings... Smiley Tongue
Cons: dealing with opposing opinions. The parents/meeting family (although this could also be a pro, more family!) Not having the right feelings. Being "tied down"
(I've never been, or have any desire to be, in a romantic relationship so this one is tricky for me)

Re: [CHAT] Romantic Relationships

The second question is:

2. How can being in a relationship affect your day-to-day life?

Re: [CHAT] Romantic Relationships

Time for my answer Smiley Wink
How can being in a relationship affect your day-to-day life?
What a great question... Smiley Tongue I can only speak from second-hand experience as I (obviously) have no idea. But it's having that other person in your life. If you live with them, it creates a different household dynamic, a more "mundane" feel when you're at home and doing chores or other things you usually do at home whereas hanging out for dates or other gatherings is a different atmosphere and would have a different effect, a more "what are we going to do next?" atmosphere rather than a "who's turn is it to cook?" atmosphere. If that made any sense Smiley Tongue

It would be nicer if media stopped obsessing over being in relationships and how they believe these relationships should act (i.e- drama and pairing people with each other in shows) and let things develop naturally and on their own.

Re: [CHAT] Romantic Relationships

sorry im a little late @N1ghtW1ng

Q1: I think some pros of a romantic relationship is they can make you happier, I’m not saying you should rely on this relationship to make you happy because usually that’s not the case.

i think a con is that you could rely too much on this relationship and make it your world and then the breakup could come around and really hurt you.

Re: [CHAT] Romantic Relationships

Welcome to the chat @litgym Smiley Happy
Relationships can definitely make people happier, which can be a good thing for sure Smiley Happy Break ups can be tough when a relationship is heavily relied upon too. These are some awesome points you've shared Smiley Happy

Re: [CHAT] Romantic Relationships

Q2: It could genuinely make you a little happier and having that person to be around and laugh with. There will be those up and downs but have that one person by your side can mean so much. It kind of opens another window to your life of that makes sense. Which means you’ll have some changes but they’ll be good changes. Not that I really have much experience in a proper “romantic relationship”.

Re: [CHAT] Romantic Relationships

Those are some great ideas @litgym Smiley Happy It can be hard to think of things if you haven't been in a relationship yourself, but there's so much media and romance in the world it's not hard to know some of things that can be affected. 


Time for question 3:

3. What are some ways that you can make sure that you're taking care of yourself while in a relationship?