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[CHAT]: Stinking thinking

Brains are wonderful. They produce thousands of thoughts every single day, and let us do some amazing things. But sometimes they're not so wonderful and we can become stuck in a rut of negativity.


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So how do we get out of it? And how can we support somebody else who's dealing with a bit of stinking thinking? Join us here on Monday 20th February at 8pm AEDT, or click 'Reply' to start the chat now!

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: [CHAT]: Stinking thinking

Helloo everyone Smiley Very Happy

Re: [CHAT]: Stinking thinking

Hey everyone,


tonight me are going to talk about venting and rumination, positive and negative aspects of it and how to use it in a constructive and positive way.



If at all you find this conversation difficult, distressing or you feel like you need to talk to someone, please don’t hesitate to call lifeline (13 11 12) or Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800).  If you are new or need a quick reminder of our community guidelines, you can find them here.


Looking forward to this convo tonight!

Re: [CHAT]: Stinking thinking

Heeeeyyyy @roseisnotaplant! How's your monday goin? 

Re: [CHAT]: Stinking thinking

Why hello there @FootyFan26 thank you for an excellent Intro post! 

Re: [CHAT]: Stinking thinking

hey everyone!!
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: [CHAT]: Stinking thinking

Not too bad thanks @Ben-RO Smiley Very Happy

Re: [CHAT]: Stinking thinking

@FootyFan26 Awesome intro post, thanks for kicking this off.

Our first question of the night is...

What is venting and/or ruminating? Is it a good or bad thing?

//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: [CHAT]: Stinking thinking

Hey I'm joining. Just on the way home from footy training 😬

Re: [CHAT]: Stinking thinking

When you're ready @loves netball Smiley Happy