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Re: [CHAT]: Stinking thinking

It works @Stealth_ninja!


And on that note, I am quite sleepy! So I am gonna hit the hay 





Thank you all for the chat, you have given me a lot to think about! 


Re: [CHAT]: Stinking thinking

@Stealth_ninja yeah I reckon that's a great idea! @j95 is going to make a thread about Short Sads and other solutions. 


People are also heaps welcome to keep posting or sharing thoughts here too! 

Re: [CHAT]: Stinking thinking

@Ben-RO great list! Sleep well Smiley Happy


@Stealth_ninja I'm intrigued about what questions you ask yourself that help. Would you mind sharing them?

Re: [CHAT]: Stinking thinking

@Stealth_ninja I tried putting my head in cold water as part of TIP once; I couldn't physically deal with water up my nose. So an alternative is putting a heap of ice cubes on your face