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[CHAT] The sickness

Illness is such a broad term, but it's something that affects us all at one point or another. On Monday 13th of July at 8pm, Getting Real is going to be focusing on, and the impact on life. A chronic illness is any medical condition that lasts a long time, and subsequently they require ongoing maintenance and support. Examples include diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy but can also be depression, anxiety or bipolar if the illness is complex, ongoing and impacts your day-to-day functioning.


Young people can be affected by illness not just by having it, but also through secondary means by supporting and caring for others. Having a good support network is so important when it comes to chronic illnesses and we can't forget about the impact of the illness on friends and family. More and more, young people are becoming the main carers of a parent or family member with a chronic illness.




Whilst I am fortunate enough to have not personally experienced any major illness, anyone can develop chronic diseases. Some celebrities have even shared their experiences with chronic illness.

Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future star), at just 30 years of age, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, a neurological disorder that affects a person's ability to walk and move.

Ruby Rose has had depression "for more years than I can remember."

Even Kim Kardashian lives with a chronic disease, Psoriasis. It is an autoimmune disease, meaning the condition results from the immune system attacking the body's own cells, rather than foreign invaders.


The point is people can learn to live with a chronic illness, rather than be defined by it. Chronic illnesses often change people’s lives - sometimes dramatically, sometimes slowly over time. It’s not just the physical or mental condition that people have to manage – it’s their whole life. Sufferers of chronic illness ride a rollercoaster of emotional changes, social changes, and environmental changes. Gaining treatment, education, and support are therefore crucial factors for individuals who are suffering, you don’t have to ride the metaphorical rollercoaster alone.


In the mean time, check out Jordan’s story to ReachOut regarding living with chronic illness, and how she effectively coped and got through her situation.


Whether you suffer from a chronic illness, support someone who is, or like me, just want to find out more, join us on Monday 13 July at 8pm, AEST! We’ll be chatting about everything regarding illness, including experience, diagnosis, coping, management, and support.


Re: [CHAT] The sickness

Hi everyone! Robot tongue


Tonight we are going to be chatting about living with illness. This is a topic that might be familiar to a number of our Reachout users so we are hoping for a really active discussion here on Getting Real ! Cat Happy

The chat tonight will be moderated by me (lanejane) and @OrangeOliver. We’d like you to remember to have a read of the community guidelines before starting and don't forget that if you feel at any point like you need to take a break or talk to someone we have a section for emergency help.

To start off our Getting Real session tonight we'd like to ask...

1. What are some sort of illnesses people might suffer with?
(I’ll give you a hint for one: what sort of illness do we often deal with here at Reachout?)


Re: [CHAT] The sickness

Good evening everybody! Looking forward to tonights GR session with all you lovely people!

Re: [CHAT] The sickness

Some illnesses that I can think of are mental illnesses like depression or anxiety! These can be long-term and life changing for a lot of people.


Also I think of illnesses like cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and even asthma!


Found this pic which I rekon seems pretty relevant!






Re: [CHAT] The sickness

Mental illness is a big one, I myself have anxiety. There are also things like disabilities that people can't see but people require treatment for. I for example also have Dyspraxia which affects my co-ordination and my speech this has led to many rounds of speech therapy, 2 operations on my palate and OT. I wouldn't class it as a illness but its something that I will have to deal with long term.

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: [CHAT] The sickness

haha that image feels really true sometimes... well i guess people often break them down into physical and mental illness..... (and that divide causes lots of issues actually!)

Re: [CHAT] The sickness

I think things like depression and anxiety are super crucial illnesses, especially for young people! They can be so silent and can go unnoticed!

Re: [CHAT] The sickness

Did any of our RO users watch Jordan's story (video posted above)?


I found it really interesting. It affected a lot of Jordan's life and schooling but she seems like such a strong person.


Re: [CHAT] The sickness

Hey @ErinsAntics and @chandelier !


Great to have you guys as part of the conversation tonight! 

Re: [CHAT] The sickness

thanks for joining us @ErinsAntics and @chandelier


sounds like you guys will be able to add lots of value to the chat tonight.


i've never heard of dyspraxia. how long have you had this for? i might have to do some google research! we are talking about all sorts of illnesses so it definitley fits in with the chat.