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[CHAT] We are family

They say blood is thicker than water, and that you cant choose your family. This week we’re getting together to talk about the uniqueness of families in this day and age and to share your stories good, bad or embarrassing about your family. With school and uni holidays just beginning, perhaps you’re already a little overwhelmed by the family..



Love them or hate them, we all have family. They can drive us crazy on those days when we want to sleep in, but dad wants to mow the lawn. But they can also be the ones that are around every single day no matter what, to help you and support you. The age old idea of a nuclear family with a mum, dad and two kids is out the door. These days we have foster children, adopted children; we have family friends that live with us and friends who have turned into family. So what we want to talk about on Monday is how unique and different your family is and why it’s so important to value them- no matter how much they drive you crazy.


This Monday come join myself and @SJG  to talk about your family and what makes them unique. Learn tips on how to deal with tricky situations or ways to re-spark that lost family spirit.  

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Hi everyone! Welcome to tonight’s Getting Real session with @EloiseRose and @SJG. We are talking about families in all their glory. I’m super excited to hear all of your thoughts, given I just spent the weekend with my extended family!!


Before we get started, some quick housekeeping: please make sure, like always, you stick to the forum guidelines and if at any stage you feel like you need to talk to someone please access more support through emergency help.


First question for the night is ….Given that a nuclear family is considered a mother a father, and two children, how does yours differ from this?

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My family is pretty nuclear! Except that i was the accidental third child... 

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I'm just so excited that I'm here finally for a GR session. I kept missing them but not tonight!

Given that a nuclear family is considered a mother a father, and two children, how does yours differ from this?
My family has an extra child Robot tongue But my mum wanted five kids.

Guess what day it was!!! It was Wear It Purple Day!! Come on over and learn all about what it is and what you can still do!

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@SJG Haha accidental... more like bonus! 

My cousin had twins that was a big bonus!!


Mines nuclear as well... i always wanted a brother though, i have a younger sister! 

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Given that a nuclear family is considered a mother a father, and two children, how does yours differ from this?

My parents are separated and now I have a step family (with a brother ans sister that I've only met once)
Trying to make my misery
just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
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My family growing up was our parents, a brother and two half sisters.


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Welcome to the family ... (well the online family for tonight) missed you last week

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Yay @N1ghtW1ng !!! Glad you could join us Smiley Happy $ siblings would be pretty full on!


@EloiseRose I have an older brother!!! i have the scares to prove it... he did make me a little bit tougher though, and im a star wars fan becuase of him

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@redhead  and @knocking 


Hey guys thanks for joining and sharing