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[CHAT] What do you believe?

Religion and spirituality, two words that are a loaded with deeper meaning and existential thinking. Yet they are two words that people sometimes shy away from in the 21st century. On Monday night at 8pm AEST we are going to talk all things religion and spirituality.


@EloiseRose and I will be facilitating a Getting Real session around your beliefs and what they mean to you. How being a believer or non-believer impacts your life and you have managed your religious and spiritual views in a modern world dominated by science.


The traditional notion of Sunday mass with the family has changed and that’s ok. For those who are believers this change is for the better because it means nowadays you can go to church at more convenient times, you can participate in bible study in your own home, you can even do guided pray and meditation through apps on your phone, however it has led to a decrease in those who identify themselves as religious or spiritual.


The idea of practicing every week or even on occasions like Christmas, or Ramadan or Passover isn’t for everyone in fact recent studies have shown that more and more people are maintaining a neutral stance on religion in Australia. Which makes sense given the negative media attention often directed towards some religious groups and the seemingly outdate views some groups hold.


So join us on Monday to discuss where you are at in your life with your religious or spiritual views, share your stories that changed the way you think about this topic. @eloiserose and @m-y93 want to hear your moments of clarity or enlightenment that turned you towards or away from religion.



Re: What do you believe?


Hey everyone and welcome to tonight's GR sesh!


Tonight's chat is about Religion!! Whether you believe, or not, this is the place to be, I can't wait to hear all what you have to share.


I think this will be a really awesome chat that we can all take something from, so make sure you get amongst it!! Just keep in mind that we want this to be a safe and fun chat, so make sure you abide by the forum guidelines, If you feel upset or uncomfortable by any of the posts, check out the emergency help tab in the top right hand corner.


So, let's get this party started!


Question : What does religion mean to you?

Re: What do you believe?

hope everyone enjoys tonights GR session and joins the convo Smiley Happy 

religion to me is about having faith, believing and having a foundation to rely on when times are tough

Re: What do you believe?

Question :What does religion mean to you


Religion is really important to me. I didn’t grow up in an overtly Christian household but since meeting my boyfriend it has become much more part of my life. And I like that !! 

Re: What do you believe?

HELLO! I have internet tonight!

What does religion mean to you?
It is the cause of a lot of pain and suffering in the world but it also makes lots of other people happy... I mean, a lot of conflict in the world is caused by conflicting religions. But some people look to religion to solve all their problems.

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Having faith when times are tough i like that!!! 

Its so good sometimes to remember that 


Re: What do you believe?

Hey thanks for jumping on!! yeh its a funny thing isn't it when you look back over history so many wars have started from a clash of religions ....

Re: What do you believe?

welcome @N1ghtW1ng  Smiley Happy i definitely agree religion does seem to solve peoples problems well atleast for the indvidual it does whether others feel that way or not 

Re: What do you believe?


what does religion mean to you personally ?


Re: What do you believe?

@EloiseRose My mum grew up in a overtly christian household too. And my nanne is also highly religious. Which becomes a cause of distress between us.
@m-y93 Religion does require having faith and believe in whatever religion you follow.