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Re: What do you believe?

Thank-you to @EloiseRose and @m-y93 for facilitating tonight's Getting Real session. It was awesome.
And thanks to everyone for showing up! SO many of you!!!

Re: What do you believe?

Oops I waaaaaay behind with the posts, haha! Smiley Tongue Anyways to answer the last question, sometimes at work when things get a bit difficult I start mentally calling on God to help me out, most times it seems to work, if not I just take it as maybe He's trying to teach me something.


However, when my mum was ill a couple of years ago I had difficulties with my religion, I read a couple of things on the topic that really weren't helpful, I guess I was struggling to see why these things were happening. In saying that, my priest was amazing & was always asking after them & the church community was very supportive, which was fantastic in a time of crisis.

Re: What do you believe?

@kittycat23  thanks for sharing your story! your priest sounds wonderful and the support you have is amazing. thank you all for joining our chat 

Re: What do you believe?

@kittycat23 it's great to hear that your church community was so supportive. It's always great to have a support group around you.

Re: What do you believe?

Sorry for the late response, had to run and get some other stuff done.


@N1ghtw1ing: At the end of the day, that is what I think religions ultimately try to provide, ideals on how to live. I'm glad that you have been able to discover your own by experience and the collective experiences of others Smiley Happy

Thanks again to the mods for hosting!



Re: What do you believe?

I'm jumping on board way after this session has finished! But I just can't leave these questions unanswered! I had every intention of joining in on tonights session until my new housemates moved in. One can't exactly be anti-social towards them. Anyway, here are my answers.


What does religion mean to you?


To me, it means to be true to oneself, whether you believe in a faith or not. I grew up in a not so strict Catholic house, but don’t think that this strand of Christianity is for me and often find myself questioning if I fall under the umbrella at all.



Religion has also caused a lot of pain and suffering to the world, but I too have experienced it firsthand. I thought I could put aside my ex’s and my difference in faith, but in the end I was hurt pretty badly by the values of his religion.


What is your experience of religion/spirituality?


Born into a Catholic family that went to mass every Sunday until my nan passed away. Then we only went to mass for a few months before one of my sisters or I was due to receive a sacrament. I often went to bible studies. But I got bullied by my ‘friends’ because after scripture, the nuns would give us a lolly of some sort, which got them so out of line. They used to say that the only reason why we got them was because the nuns had to bribe us to continue practicing the religion.


I strongly believe in guardian angels and intuition.


Should religious teachings be included in the school curriculum?


No. I get how it is easier to explain how we came about, but I don’t think we should be teaching it in our schools, unless the said curriculum includes ALL the religions and not just the ones of those who are pushing for this.


How do you practice your religious/ spiritual affiliation?


Well, like I said earlier, I am currently questioning everything, but I have no idea where to look. I don’t want to go to a church to ask as I feel as though they will try to convert me, but I just want to know where I fit in all of this.


I still ask for my guardian angels to watch over me and make sure that everything is a-okay.


Whether a believer or non-believer have you ever found yourself in a situation where your values are being threatened? 


Not really threatened, just reassuring about what I already believe. It seems that every time I stop believing because I can’t make up my mind as to where I belong, something happens to make me believe again. Although, I don’t understand why I am so fixated on finding out where I belong.


Have you ever felt religion has been pressured on you?


Only by all the Christian groups on campus! My parents are pretty cool about it and support us whatever our decision (well mum mainly).


What impact does the media and politics have on religion in australia?


Well, at the moment, we are being ran by the hard right. I feel as though this gives a negative view about what Catholics believe in. I’ve also found it very hard to say that I am one because of what the priests did to school boys. (One does not simply leave the Catholic Church, you will always be regarded as a member unless you write a letter to the bishop or archbishop (can’t remember) formally renouncing your baptism, or something like that.)


How does your religion or beliefs impact your everyday life and the decisions you make?


It doesn’t really. I guess that is because I grew up with the values so they are engrained into my everyday life and don’t need much thought put into it.


How has your religion helped you deal with a bad experience?


It has let me know that there is a God and that everything will be alright in the end.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ