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[CHAT] Work it


- you are going for your first ever after school job at 14 & 9 months, or

- you've left school and looking for an apprenticeship/traineeship or

- you are trying to work to support your study at uni or tafe or

- you've finished your study and you want your first full time job or

- you haven't worked for a long time but it's time to get a job...

- you are working hard for the money...

Looking for a job and/or working can be a pretty nerve wrecking experience, especially trying to keep everything running smoothly!


You might be wondering how you can find the right kind of job that suits you; how to make it through the dreaded interview; how to make sure you are not taken advantage of; how to manage your pay & make it last the fortnight;  and before any of that - resumes these days have become an art form!


Or what about this age old conundrum:




Here's a story from a forum member, Chonty


"The first job I ever had was working in a fast food joint after school and on weekends. I remember wanting to quit in the first week because it was all too new and I didn’t like the manager. I also remember how exciting it was to get my first pay, and I’m pretty sure I spent it immediately on new clothes and forgot all about wanting to leave. That’s pretty much how I spent every pay for two years straight, without a thought about saving for future things.


It wasn’t until schoolies came around that I realised I didn’t have enough saved to do all the things that had been planned! Luckily in the end my family were all able to chip in in and it all worked out, but they let me sweat it for a while. Being in a position where I realised I hadn’t managed my money as well as I should have wasn’t the best.""

Join us Monday 27th APril at 8pm AEST to pick up some tips on looking for work, landing that job, getting used to a new work environment, being money smart and generally handling all things employment like a boss.

Re: [CHAT] Work it

Hi all! Tonight I’ll be joined with  @FItzChivalry  to host this weeks Getting Real session which will be about everything employment related! Work makes up such a big part of our lives and entering the workforce can be pretty damn challenging, particularly while balancing our social lives and studies. I’m sure that you all have tonnes of tips that you can share to help others handle it like a boss.


Also, just a reminder to check out the forum guidelines before we start, and if you need to chat immediately or anything than check out the services section. 


I’ll kick things off with the first question!


  1. What do you think employers look for in their ideal candidates for a role?

Re: [CHAT] Work it

I'm going to go ahead and answer the first one!


  1. What do you think employers look for in their ideal candidates for a role?

I think the key things employers look for is people who are hard working, have great social skills, ability to be organized and work well in a team, as well as an technical skills appropriate to the role. I guess it always varies, but those are the things I think are most important.

Re: [CHAT] Work it

HI all!! Welcome to tonight's getting real sesh Smiley Happy Pretty keen for this one, think a lot of people will be able to get a lot out of this (including myself!)


  1. What do you think employers look for in their ideal candidates for a role? 

I always try to put myself in the employers shoes. If you are interviewing people over and over again, I think you'd get sick of hearing people say what they think you want to hear. I think someone who is confident, comfortable, and honest would be a refreshing person to interview and would probably stand out. A bit of ass-kissing is good but it's a fine line! 

Re: [CHAT] Work it

Hey all!


  1. What do you think employers look for in their ideal candidates for a role?

I think it varies from job to job. But generally they look for social skills, confidence, ability to work in a team, being able to communicate well, having the correct qualifications, relevant experience (a tough cycle I know!), product knowledge and a solid work ethic.

Re: [CHAT] Work it

Hey everyone,
Just a heads up, I'm not sure how long I'll stick around for tonight, not feeling so brilliant tonight, but I want to give it a go!

1. What do you think employers look for in their ideal candidates for a role?
It really does vary based on the field but overall I think employers look for someone who can take direction well, and work both individually and a team. Someone who can use initiative.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: [CHAT] Work it

good point @FItzChivalry putting yourself in your employers shoes is a great way to think about it. And honesty is def a big thing!

Re: [CHAT] Work it

1. What do you think employers look for in their ideal candidates for a role?

In a lot of cases, experience! I can't even handle how true that comic is in your first post @benjamin_ , haha. I think employers definitely like to see that you have some kind of proven skill-set, whether or not it's directly related to your role or some kind of transferable skill from something else you''ve done.


I also think being friendly and approachable is a big one. I definitely think it helps with the interview process!

Re: [CHAT] Work it

I definitely think initiative is really important @Bee! Smiley Happy 

Re: [CHAT] Work it

Thanks for joining us @florenceforever and @Bee 


No problem about staying just for a little bit @Bee , happy to have you with us Smiley Happy


I def agree, someone who can take inititative and be skilled working individually and in a team is important!