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Re: [CHAT] Work it

@j95 that sucks to hear. I think @FItzChivalry had a good point in telling him that you will escalate it if he doesn't do anything to resolve it. It def sounds like something you should be entitled to so I think it's fair. 

Re: [CHAT] Work it

@fitzchilvalry @benjamin_ thanks for tonight!Smiley Happy look forward to next time

Re: [CHAT] Work it

Do you think it's worth going to my apprenticeship provider? They might be able to come check on me one day and suss the problem out.
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: [CHAT] Work it

@j95 I think that's a great idea, either them or fairwork australia or someone similar. You can even contact places like that anonymously if you're worried about repercussions from your boss (which can happen sometimes Smiley Sad )

Re: [CHAT] Work it

Not in a union @FItzChivalry only new to the industry, first year apprentice
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: [CHAT] Work it

Will see how I go , thanks!!
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: [CHAT] Work it

This was a really great topic and everyone was able to bring their own expertise and experience to the forum, which is awesome! So much constructive comments went into this to create quite a solid wealth of information Smiley Happy Here are the key points that we covered tonight.


  1. What do you think employers look for in their ideal candidates for a role?

SO MANY AWESOME SUGGESTIONS! social skills, confidence, leadership skills and initiative, strong skill set, experience is the best proof of your talents. Two way street, you need to be a good fit for the org and vice versa. Bottom line, be your genuine self!


  1. What are some of your tips for making the best resume when applying for jobs?

Short, concise, well-written and full of relevant information. Tailor your resumes to the position and always have your relevant references on hand! Create a hierarchy of important information, and lay it our clearly!


  1. what are some of the websites or ways you apply for jobs?

Gumtree, seek, jobsearch, job agencies and volunteering are all great ways to find job openings. Also word of mouth, and casually dropping your resume in. Don’t forget to be ol school and check the paper too Smiley Wink


  1. What kind of activities do you think people could participate in to help them get their first job?

Volunteering, work experience and sports and community work are all a great step into the workforce and just simply building your skillset in general. Having a direction is also a great way to hone in your skills on what you value.


  1. How would you prepare for a job interview?

Prepare sample questions, research the company, don’t just memorize answers but know the information so you can answer the questions comfortably. Put a bit of effort into your presentation so you feel and look confident! Also practising relaxation methods to be cool, calm, and collected.

  1. what kind of jobs do you think are best to do while studying?

If you can, try and get a job related to your studies, even if it’s basic. Hospitality offers great, flexible hours for students and helps build your people skills and work ethic. Pretty much any casual job is great!

7.What tips would you suggest to people applying for jobs after being unemployed for a long period of time?

Show the employer that you have been keeping busy, building your skill set and working hard e.g. volunteering. Focus on what you have been doing, not on the time you’ve spent doing “nothing”. Use of the cover letter is vital here!

  1. If you were employed and unhappy with your working conditions, how would you try to resolve the issue?

Follow the right avenues, e.g. manager, HR, CEO, union etc. Try and submit your complaints via email so you have a record of them if they’re being ignored!

Thank you again to everybody for their contributions and making this such an enjoyable and valuable discussion Smiley Happy

Good night all!

Re: [CHAT] Work it

that might be an idea @j95 Have you checked out the fair work site? I reckon you should be able to find some helpful stuff here


Also, if you're wondering about unions, check this out

Re: [CHAT] Work it

@j95 Maybe look into joining a union, from my experience they are well worth it Smiley Happy Maybe even post a separate thread about this? It's a pretty important thing that should be adressed and I'm interested to see how your situation unfolds. Hope you can sort it out soon and you get what is fair Smiley Happy

Re: [CHAT] Work it

Thanks heaps @benjamin_
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//