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[Chat] ANGRY

angry the office screaming dwight


U mad, bro?


Maybe your not, but I am.  My teacher gave us homework on Friday that's due on Monday, Star Wars Episode VIII has been pushed back to December '17, and my brother ate the last bit of chocolate but left the wrapper in the cupboard... I am mad, bro!  And it's important that I know how to deal with my anger better than this man pictured above, or the woman pictured below.  So please, if you've ever felt annoyed, mildly peeved, or even downright furious, tell us! How did you deal with it? Any tips?


Join in Monday 29th August at 8pm AEST to talk about anger, how to deal with it, recognizing if you're angry too much, and how you can feel cool, calm, and relaxed more often.


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I do get quite angry sometimes. I don't often talk about it though.
One main way I cope with it is to just take a deep breath and ignore everything for a moment. This actually helps quite a lot.
Another way I deal with it, is if I'm at home and my brother (for example) threw something at me. Instead of instantly reacting and throwing it right back at him and giving him what he wants, attention, I will just stand up, and walk outside and think. What helps is to think of every single thing you've done in the last 2 weeks or something. It's a great distraction.

Would like to hear everyone else's strategies. Smiley Happy
Hope this helped.

By the way, @tsnyder , congratulations on 999 posts. one more until 1000. Smiley Wink


I'll see if I can make it for this one! That is, if I'm not too mad at the typo in that second sentence *tsk tsk* Smiley Tongue

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@RandomName those are some great ways of working through angry feelings!  On Monday we'll all show up to this thread at 8pm AEST and talk about it real time. Do you want to join in?


I reckon it'd be great for us all to share ways of working with the angry feels Smiley Happy


I also wonder if sometimes it's okay just to be angry? Like is it always a bad thing?


What do you folks think?



@Ben-RO Anger itself isn't always a bad thing, it's how you act when angry that can make it bad.

I'd like to talk about identifying things that make us angry, like how to identify and what to do with that knowledge (like preparing or stuff)


@N1ghtW1ng that's a really excellent point. I know anger can kind of... sneak up on me sometimes.


I'm looking forward to this chat, I think it will be good for me. I think we should talk about ways we can express anger, what are some not so healthy ways of expressing it and what are some alternatives to that?
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I'll really try my best to get here tonight. Smiley Happy

Guess we'll chat then.


I hope we get to chat @RandomName! even if you can only drop in for a little while Smiley Happy 


but hey, if you can't make it tonight, you can always make a post later and ask literally whatever you want to ask and we shall join you to chat about it Smiley Happy 


I'll try and make it
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//