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Re: Everyone is creative, right?


Re: Everyone is creative, right?

Man tonight has been great guys !!!! 

Here is the summary .... 

How would you define a creative person? What sorts of things do they do?

-       Being arty

-       Musical

-       Studying design, performing arts, music

-       Interested and expresses in creative avenues

-       Problem solving

-       Seeing beauty and being mindful

-       Doing things differently to others

-       Think outside the square

-       Awesome imagination

-       Art in all forms is mearly an expression of a person's thoughts/feelings and should be embraced for the courage needed to communicate this

-       Legos



Do you consider yourself creative or not-creative?? What are the things that have happened to make you think that?

Creative peeps-

-       Wild imagination

-       Problem solving

-       Growing up it has been important

-       Different perspective

-       Baking

-       Poetry 

-       Coding computers


Non creative peeps

-       Comparing yourself to REALLY creative people


Do you think that there might be conventional ways to be creative and then there might be more obscure ways? What's an example of each? (what about instagram, journalling or fashion - where do these things fit? Are they creative?)

-       Yes and no

-       Creativeness is conventional in its own right

-       Creativeness is good for the brain,

-       It is an outlet of emotion

-       Conventional methods = normal associations, obvious

-       Obscure = logical ways of being creative    


What is the most creative thing you have ever done? Or regularly ?

-       Ice cream flavours

-       Train track designs

-       Baking

-       Decorating

-       Film, theatre, illustrating, costume design , painting, special effects

-       Exploring everyday

-       Illustrations

-       Plan out footy matches (other team sports)


Have you heard about art and music therapy? How might art or music therapy help in a tough time?

-       Yes people have heard of it and used it

-       Wanting to include in their career with degenerative disorders (parkinsons, alzheimers etc) or for kids with developmental disorders!

-       They have a calming effect that draws people in better than being talked to or talking to someone. 

-       Helps people cope better by using images

-       Distract a person from what is going on in their life, or to help them express how they are feeling.


If you are feeling uninspired, blocked or in a creative rut, what's one thing you could do to try and bring some creativity back into your life? (Check out what this user did!!) Even in the most creative ways?

-       Learn to harness it more

-       Try something new

-       Challenge yourself

-       Step outside your comfort zone

-       Get inspired from something already out there

-       Splat art = sounds super fun

-       Go outside and take photos

-       Read

-       Call nan



Can you teach an old dog new tricks, can someone learn to be creative? If so how? “Teach me your ways”

-       Some say “I don't think that someone can learn to be creative. I just think that people have forgotten how to be creative”

-       Some say “Absolutely yes”


What is one new thing you learnt during this session?

-       That I am creative

-       Showing other people how to harness their own creativeness






Re: Everyone is creative, right?

Thanks so much for coming along tonight guys!!!! We made a record number of posts so thats awesome!!!!! YAY US