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Re: February 14. The day of love?

@lokifish: I mean... a tonne of chocolate CAN'T be good for you. haha

Re: February 14. The day of love?

@dreamcatcher Well, I can't say I've ever tried that... hahaha


And yes, Happy Valentine's Day guys, whatever that means Smiley Happy

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Re: February 14. The day of love?

@lokifish wrote:

Happy Valentine's Day guys, whatever that means Smiley Happy

THIS is my favourite quote of the night!!!!!!!!

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Re: February 14. The day of love?

Here is alittle recap on the day of love...


What is your relationship status?

To begin with our singles were all out in force but it was nice to hear from some contributors who were very happily in love. Some of the stand out posts:

Single – and happily single
Single and embracing the positives
Single but ready for love
Very happily taken.

What are some good things about your current relationship?

Nice comparison for the singles and loved up contributors tonight.
Singles- more time for myself, independent, selfish, more money to spend on myself, no distractions.
Taken- Cuddles, spending time with someone.

What are some things you would like to change about your current relationship? And why?

It was great to hear a positive spin on things we would like to change about our relationship status. Here is what people had to say:
Singles- don’t want to change a thing, have the guts to talk to a crush, should’t go looking for a relationship it will happen.
Taken- change to engaged or married- this gave everyone some hope for the future.

What are your thoughts on valentines day? (e.g. pressure to do something nice, commercialism, money).

While some people liked the idea of doing nice things for people, a few people thought we shouldn't just do this on Feb 14, but on other days of the year as well. Valentines day is pretty commercialised but some people didn't mind that

What are your thoughts on online dating?

This definitely created a new spin on the love topic. We heard how some were Far too scared or face technology barriers.

Do you have any plans on valentines day? Or what have you done in the past?

Great suggestions on how to spend valentines day this year....Plan to give my friends cards and hearts, play with connector textas (haha), eat chocolate, take my friends to dinner, & watch the valentines day movie.

How can you make the upcoming valentines day more about you?

Lots of ideas came to light on this and some were very amusing. Here were some of the shout outs -Force a hug out of my dog, make myself a card with positive aspects about me, not pay attention to overly affectionate couples & love who I am.

What is something you can do for yourself or for someone else/special  in the up coming week?

Some suggestions we had tonight were to Cook a surprise meal/dessert for my family, buy flowers for someone else, give a compliment, open a door for someone, visit grandma, buy chocolates.  Seems as though there are plenty of nice ideas to pay it forward people.

What can you do for yourself?

Trying to focus on being confident about the fact I am single rather than get down about the couples on valentines day. Others realised it can be about all of us treating ourselves to something we enjoy- as we are entitled to it.  Make it more about you if you need to!




Re: February 14. The day of love?

Awesome discussion tonight guys!!!

Re: February 14. The day of love?

Great summary Lea. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the discussion tonight. And to Sophie, LeaLea and dilz for facilitating. Good night! Smiley Happy

Re: February 14. The day of love?

Thanks for an awesome chat tonight, guys!

See you all next week!!!

Smiley Happy