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Re: Feeling burnt out??

What gets me out of it, is basically me forcIng myself out of it.
I try not to focus on all the negatives, and grab onto one positive, even if it's as small as watching an episode of a tv show that makes me laugh. Then I work my way up to listening to a song I love... Before I know it, I have a zest for life again. If you try to embrace all the positives at once, that too can be overwhelming.
It is also important to take time out for yourself, even if just for half an hour a day. Take a walk, get some fresh air, get back to basics. It's amazing how a little me-time can put a whole new perspective on things.

That being said, I do feel very burnt out in my job. I don't love what I do: I certainly don't hate it, but it's not my passion.
When I do involve myself in my passion, and focus on trying to build a career out of it, I feel like I have a purpose again.

Re: Feeling burnt out??

I've been burnt out before and my marks really suffered towards the end. If you look at it as a graph you'd see a masive drop off towards the end.


That was mainly due to one subject where I just didn't see the relevance of the course material at all! Also I found the lecturer hard to understand but also extremely unhelpful when approached.




@Ali: YAY for naps!
@Hels: Great advice focusing on the positivies and your passions is a great way to get yourself out of it. What can you do then to stop yourself from burning out if it is something that's not what you're passionate about like your job?

Re: Feeling burnt out??

hi hels


i've definitely had moments where i'm out with friends even though i didn't really feel like it but didn't want to be a bad sport so i went out then feel as if all i wanted to do is just stay home and sleep or just waste time cause i'm soooo sick of spending it productively.


i think i was pretty burnt out to be like that though. just didn't really enjoy things as much as i could've. maybe it was just my frame of mind. a few more occassions out with the friends though i think did the trick and changed my mood. especially after exams. then things got back to the same old for me which was good.


Re: Feeling burnt out??

If you have ever been burnt out, what helped you get out of it?


A positive way I found is taking time out for myself, sleeping and just focussing on something else until you feel up to doing what you need to do, because it's not going to get better if you just keep pushing through, it will either stay the same or get worse and you'll find it will take you twice as long to get the work done, whereas if you take a break and come back to it with a fresh mindset then it will be far easier. 


Hey Rose!! don't you hate it when lecturers don't get back to you!! it is so frustrating!

Re: Feeling burnt out??

it's never too late to share some insight Ali818 

welcome to tonight's chat Smiley Happy

i think what you said really works for me too.

i try distance myself for a bit from the task (eg homework) and spend some time chilling on the piano or whatever just to float my mind in a different direction.

i guess for other people instead of playing the piano it might be exercise, tv, music, drawing, painting and lots of other stuff

Re: Feeling burnt out??

Wasting time is important sometimes though, I think.
Yes, we should make the most of life, but stopping and smelling the roses / lying down on the grass and taking in the gorgeous scenery, is just as important to regain focus and clarity.

Re: Feeling burnt out??

@michine: I definitely understand where you're coming from michine, I have 2 subjects like that at the moment.

Re: Feeling burnt out??

Seeing as we all have had some experience with burning out what are some things can you do to prevent yourself from becoming burnt out?


@DD I feel your pain!



Re: Feeling burnt out??

michine wrote:

Seeing as we all have had some experience with burning out what are some things can you do to prevent yourself from becoming burnt out?

i like starting the day with a relaxing ritual. taking my time to get out of bed than just washing my face really thoroughly with a cream or whatever to just make myself feel and look good. a tasty and healthy breakfast with fruits i love like strawberries, bananas and oragnes makes me feel really good too and ready for the day. and a few stretches before i leave home

i think also that over committing myself to things when i know that it'll be a struggle adds extra unnecessary stress is something i can stop doing to prevent myself from burning out. as in stop taking extra shfits from work, volunteering for a bit, doing extra stuff and just focusing on my health and study when exams are around the corner can help to really prevent myself from burning out.


what are some things can you do to prevent yourself from becoming burnt out?


Take regular breaks when you're doing work, ask for help, make time to do things you enjoy (try and find a bit of a balance between work and leisure if you can), and find a way to express your feelings (I find writing works best for me).