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Re: Festival Season is upon us!

I definitely agree with the mobile reception thing. One time my friend and I split up because she wanted to go see the hot air balloon and I wanted to watch the laser show and we decided to call and meet somewhere when we had finished. My mobile had no reception so yeah we spent an hour and a half running around the wharf looking for each other :/

Re: Festival Season is upon us!

@Rosie-RO definitely!

If you are in a negative mood its easy to be annoyed by the hot sun, the long queues, the loud music, the crowds

Whereas if you are in a great mood you are like the sun is shining! I love people watching in these queues! The music is pumping and theres so many people to meet and have fun with !

Re: Festival Season is upon us!

yes you go @delicatedreamer good one on not missing out and having the courage to go it alone!! Guy Sebatian has such an amazing voice


What makes a good festival experience??


I think having a bit of a plan is great, making a list of the bands you wanna see, but also being ok with going with the flow. Weather is also a big one, Ive been caught in a coupla downpours and it has kinda dampened the mood. GET IT, DAMPENED?! ok i know that was an easy one Smiley Wink

Re: Festival Season is upon us!

@chelsb haha yes if you are in a place where its likely to rain at a minutes notice then pack a handy fold out poncho to party in!


Re: Festival Season is upon us!

Hahahaha I think I laughed a little more than I should at that @chelsb

Yeah weather does make a massive impact, and it's hard to tell. Where I live you basically have all four seasons, 10 times over in one day, so festivals are a bit risky sometimes.

I think just going with the flow as you said is a nice way to do festivals, maybe pick up a programme if they have one and figure out what you want to do and make arrangements if you want to split up from people

Re: Festival Season is upon us!

Our next question issssss:


What do you take with you?!


Sunblock, i have come out of a festival betroot red one too many times to forego sunblock....


What else will we need?

Re: Festival Season is upon us!

What do you take with you!?

Money. And lots of it lol. Festivals can be quite expensive with food and things so it's always handy to take extra money because you will get hungry.

Take comfy shoes too, I've come home one too many times with massive blisters on my feet from walking in high heels too long at festivals

Extra clothes like a jacket or a tank top incase it gets too hot or cold.

But overall you don't want to take too many things because you will have to carry it around with you

Re: Festival Season is upon us!

@chelsb yes! and theres only so much sunscreen you can borrow from random peoples backs in the crowd (make sure you only do this early on in the day or the sunscreen/sweat ratio is all out of whack)


Good shoes! trustworthy, worn in, comfy shoes

Id go for sneakers/cons/vans

Comfy - no blisters

Closed in - portaloos! and if it rains and also getting stepped on in the crowd

Re: Festival Season is upon us!

@Pillow you took the words right outta my mouth!

yes indeed, say no to blisters!

A light jacket in your bag is good, sometimes it can get pretty chilly at night

especially if you are sunburnt!


Re: Festival Season is upon us!

Haha well as they say great minds think alike Smiley Wink @hartley_