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GR Information Guide

Hey folks! Hope you're having a lovely day!


If you're looking for a discussion on various topics, this is the place: the GR session thread (also known as Getting Real)! Whether you're a new person looking to add your input or a forum high-flier, this is the place Smiley Happy


What time do they start in my region and how long do they go for?

half hour back update First Sunday of April to First Sunday of October.jpgAEST (1ST Sunday APR to 1st Sunday OCT)AEDT.jpgASDT (1ST sunday OCT to 1st Sunday APR) (DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME)



GR's go for about 2 hours so there's plenty of time to join in halfway if you want! 


So what GR topics are coming up?

So glad you asked! Here's a calendar for the next couple of topics! This will be updated every now and then so check back in! Smiley Happy




Re: GR Subscription [Sign up here]

I'm an extremely forgetful person, so I'm totally down for this Smiley Tongue

Re: GR Subscription [Sign up here]

I'll have one thanks Smiley Happy
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: GR Subscription [Sign up here]

Reminda plz

Re: GR Subscription [Sign up here]

Which types of session do you talking about.

Re: GR Subscription [Sign up here]

Hey @Trikle Trade we talk about anything and everything in these chats, and we're open to suggestions from anyone who's interested in joining in as well Smiley Happy


Generally Getting Real Sessions or GR's are more about less heavy stuff, so we'll chat about how pets can help mental health, online dating, or stinking thinking.


We also tackle tougher stuff over here with an expert once a month with an expert or two to help us learn more.


Hope to see you in the next chat Smiley Happy

Re: GR Subscription [Sign up here]

Hey guys I'd love a reminder message 😊

Re: GR Subscription [Sign up here]

I would also love a reminder ! I totally forgot about today's session...Robot Embarassed

Re: GR Information Guide

Hi there admin, 


 saw the topics and  they look so relevant to my circumstances. 

would you keep me in the loop for the next series ?


i would benefit from it heaps.




Re: GR Information Guide

Of course @BunnyWalks! Glad you're interested in them and I look forward to seeing you there Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy