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Re: Happy holidays? Or is it?

how can we deal with this grief and turn it into something that celebrates the lives of loved ones who have passed away?

Maybe give them a memorial branch on the christmas tree, with like decorations that are specific to them.

Re: Happy holidays? Or is it?

Myvo: thats a lovely idea - puuting stocking out for their presence...

Also, we also do a speech before lunch and toast those loved ones passed... even if it was 20 years ago like my grandpa

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Re: Happy holidays? Or is it?

These are awesome ideas guys. A few years ago my uncle passed away and the following year we spent christmas where we lost him. It kind of felt like we were spending christmas with him, which may sound odd. But actually it was really soothing to celebrate his memory.

Re: Happy holidays? Or is it?

So we have discussed a few heavy topics tonight associated with christmas. It is important to acknowledge that A lot of support services are closed over this period. What can you do if your normal supports are not around?

Re: Happy holidays? Or is it?

What can you do if your normal supports are not around?


I guess if you know you are having a hard time or usually find christmas hard it is good to give a few select people a heads up. I have a couple of family members who struggle with christmas for various reasons so I make sure I contact them on Christmas. These are extended family members who I do not see very often and do not often spend christmas with. 



Re: Happy holidays? Or is it?

Hey Guys Smiley Happy Sorry I'm late. But better late than never Smiley Tongue


What does this holiday period mean to you?

The holiday period often means a break from study and a chance to relax a little, eg sleep in! Smiley Tongue 
Although I've noticed recentlt, last few years, that this can also be a pretty stressful time at christmas! 


So everyone out there tonight we were wondering if you do not celebrate Christmas (or imagine if you didn't) do you think it would be difficult to be surrounded by the holiday? If so why?

I do celebrate Christmas, but if I didn't I think the main thing would be all the consumerism and the way everything is commercialised! I think I may get a bit more annoyed with all the xmas stuff everywhere and all that talk, but I guess it'd be something I learn to ignore. I think it would also come down to the supports you have around you, if you had friends who supported your chioce and beliefs not to believe in Christmas, than I don't think it'd really matter.
In primary school we had a student who didn't celebrate Christmas, and it didn't seem to bother him, he had openly said it's just not something his family did and they celebrate in other ways.


What is your favourite holiday/Christmas memory?
After bursting into laughter... I have a funny one. We had my oldest brother and his (then) girlfriend down from QLD a few years ago and my other brother came over with his wife. We exchanged pressies and the older brothers wife asked "what are these for?" and my oldest brothers )then) girlfriend goes "You stick them in your toes and you walk like this!" It was hilarious and her mum and I could not withhold our laughter, while my brothers wife still was confused!
The item was those foam thingos you put your toes in to assist with painting your nails Smiley Happy

(Ps. it was funnier at the time, this explaination I don't this does the story/memory justice)


@Sophie - That made me laugh! My gosh that would be funny to see! Smiley Happy


Whats not to love about Christmas?

For me it would be not spending time with extended family. We live interstate from extended family and past grievances and the way things have occured hte last couple decades have really put a wedge between my parents and their siblings. So Christmas for me is usually quiet and quite intimate (sometimes)


can you recall on a Christmas/holiday that was difficult? Why was it difficult? How did you manage the situation or what did you do? 

Oh wow. Uhm right now I'm not entirely sure. There have been some, and the one that just crops to mind is 2011 where mum's step-dad passed away. The funeral was just a couple days before Christmas, and we didn't get down to it. It was a hard time, but we managed. I'm not quite sure of the finner details anymore. I'd rather remember the happier ones!


@Sophie - Yepp those are hard ones...


@LeaLea07 - the post with the below question. Just made me think of my grandma in the situation I described above, and my nana this Christmas. First Christmas without pop! Smiley Sad Damn. (That hits hard actually. Ouch) Will have to call her soon and see how she is!


What support ideas do you have for someone who is struggling with loneliness this Christmas?

I think just being with them can be the buggest support

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Re: Happy holidays? Or is it?

Going with what Dreamcatcher was saying I think also remembering the funny things they did or said. I know with my family it can be good to laugh at their funny personality and how they did things Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Happy holidays? Or is it?

Thanks for jumping on board and contributing @Bee definitely better late than never. So sorry to here the convo triggered some emotions about your pop. 


Your experiences also sound like they resonate with some of our other members tonight. I can certainly relate aswell. 

Re: Happy holidays? Or is it?

Hi Bee, thanks for jumping into the convo. Make sure you take care of those emotions about yr pop

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Re: Happy holidays? Or is it?

I know is it hard to think of supports available over this time. If anyone thinks of something later feel free to start a thread on the forums about support over christmas. The dicussion is coming to end and Obviously the Christmas & New Years season is a time of lots of parties & lots of expectation to party. Often people engage in some form of celebration (surrounding delicious foods of course) . What can you do to make sure you have a safe and fun time?