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Re: I am great. Yes I am.

I'd love to develop
spirituality, faith, sense of purpose
curiosity, interest int he world

My laptop is seriously about to die again, so I'm going to say goodbye now and thanks for an awesome sesh Smiley Happy
bye all Smiley Happy xo

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: I am great. Yes I am.

I need to write an achievable to-do list with steps to get the things I need done.


Re: I am great. Yes I am.

What is one step you could take this week to work on developing the strengths you identified in the last question?


1. Bravery - well, I'm having a pretty anxious time at the moment so pushing myself to go out and do things should cover this one!

2. Hope/ optimism - Make some plans for the future that set me up to deal with things in a positive way rather than worrying about them and thinking of the negatives like I usually do.


Thanks for a great discussion tonight guys, was very interesting reading. Thanks also to our facilitators Rosie, gail and bethechange! Good night all Smiley Happy

Re: I am great. Yes I am.

That raps up our session tonight on recognizing strengths! Thank you all for your amazing input and also thanks to both Rosie and Gail for their help this evening. Have a great week and hopefully we’ll see you next Monday night Smiley Happy


1. To start us off, tell us three awesome strengths that you have!

  • Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Socially adept

2. Do you find it easier to recognise other people's strengths than your own? Why do you think this might be?

  • Afraid we will be told these are not strengths we possess
  • More difficult to read ourselves
  • Due to being taught not to boast or brag about ourselves

3. What benefits do you think there might be to recognising your strengths? This might be to your self esteem, to your friendships, to your academic life, at work, etc…

  • Self-confidence
  • Greater insight into where we can best apply ourselves in life
  • We will be happier as we can focus on the positives in our strengths

4. Do you think being aware of your strengths is the same as being stuck up? Why/why not?

  • No, only if we try and compare with others and bring them down
  • Bragging about your strengths is, being aware is not

5. What kinds of things do you think get in the way of being able to recognise your own strengths?

  • Self-esteem
  • Not knowing what to look for
  • Lacking confidence and conviction

6. Have you ever been in a situation where you've used your strengths to your advantage? Was it helpful?

  • Giving advice to others
  • Organising ourselves before a stressful situation, very helpful!
  • Often use my studious skills to stay motivated with university

7. Have a think about those three strengths that you listed in the first question - how could you utilise them in your everyday life to help you be more successful?

  • Stay positive and try and help others too
  • Actively focus on our strengths, remind ourselves of the things we’re totally awesome at!
  • Be attentive, organised and aware of our lives

8. Check out this list of 24 different personality strengths… Which ones do you think apply to you? What are 3 more that you think apply a little, or not at all, and that you'd like to work on developing?

  • Many different strengths mentioned: Critical thinking, persistence, patience, kindness etc.
  • Also areas we could improve: Leadership skills, bravery, ingenuity, fairness etc.

9. What is one step you could take this week to work on developing each of the strengths you identified in the last question?

  • Focus on the positives not on the negatives
  • Replacing negative unhelpful thoughts with more accurate truths
  • Remind ourselves of our strengths often  

Re: I am great. Yes I am.

Thanks for joining in everyone, and thanks Rosie and bethechange for facilitating with me! Catch you next time Smiley Happy YOU'RE ALL AWESOME!


Re: I am great. Yes I am.

Thanks gang! Sleep tight everyone Smiley Happy

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And still, I rise.