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Re: It's a wild world.

Thank you all for joining with us tonight, for a lively and very insightful discussion.


Please find below a summary of your great thoughts from tonight.




We all tend to engage in negative thinking throughout our lives – as clearly demonstrated in our own skewed memories, which often may not represent reality but our own pessimistic views.


In our heads we constantly obsess over things that we’ve done wrong or flaws that we see in ourselves; so much so that we can so easily rattle off things that have gone or are going wrong and barely remember those that are. But why is this the case? Well, from tonight’s discussion, it seems as though the two main drivers are our culture and also the view of ourselves. Culture can instil within us the obsession with flaws and comparisons, as witnessed by rankings in school and the aggrandisement of celebrities who appear flawless. When it comes to ourselves and what we can achieve we can be overly critical, constantly wanting everything to be perfect, dwelling on our flaws and comparisons with other people.


When we ourselves possess a negative mindset, negativity is also the only thing that we can see. The tendency to focus on the bad, when things just don’t seem to be going our way can send us into a downward spiral. This pessimistic view is compounded by what we see in social media and conventional media, namely the news, which presents to us what seems to be a black hole of despair!


In life, everything will not always go the way you want it to (murphy’s law anyone??). It will kick you when you’re down and hold you there if you let it. It is when we are down, with all these ruinous thoughts circulating in our minds that we tend to change the way we act and interact with other people. The effect is dependent on each person but we all tend to become somewhat irritable and moody. In some cases we even become self-reserved, either in the fear of saying or doing something to damage our relationships or just because we want to stay within our sphere of negativity.


If we allow this negative mindset to fester it can seep into our entire being corrupting our self-esteem, motivation, perceptions and our ability to enjoy and appreciate life. Further along it can also seriously impact our mental wellbeing making us susceptible to various mental health difficulties.


So how do we stop these negative thoughts from plaguing our minds? As Sagira metioned, It’s all about changing your focus, accepting what is and living for the moment; not the past not the future. It is in this shift of perspective that we free ourselves from being bogged down by negative thoughts, and just like how negativity breeds more negativity so does positivity result in more positivity! To do so there are some great resources that can be found on the RO website, such as the strategy of turning negatives into positives. Another great trick is to acknowledge the existence of these negative thoughts such that we can proactively thwart them by focusing on a positive, even if it is a single one. We can also refer to the help of friends, to help us see the light when all we see is darkness. 

Re: It's a wild world.

what will you take away from tonight's discussion?

The title of the thread has put Cat Stevens on in my head on a loop, so I suppose that.

Re: It's a wild world.

Thanks for the great GR session tonight everyone, I really enjoyed myself! And thanks Rosie, Lightuptheworld and michine for hosting tonights session. Smiley Happy See you all next week?

Re: It's a wild world.

Awesome discussion tonight everyone! Smiley Happy 

Re: It's a wild world.

Smiley Happy It was a good one.

Re: It's a wild world.

Thank you everyone, and have a great night!


I shall see you again next week Smiley Happy



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