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Kicking the guilt habit of being "healthy"

Gym clothes are laid out.

Runners are ready.

All set for a morning run.


But it is a bit cold outside. And it might rain. And I have a long day…

Alarm goes off. I don’t even open my eyes as I stop the beeping. The run never stood a chance. I roll over for more sleep. “I’ll go tomorrow” I say to myself. A feeling of guilt seeps into the pit of my stomach. I cuddle into the warm blankets to try to make myself feel better. Maybe tomorrow…


Have you ever felt like this? Chances are you have. Most of us have tried to “be healthy”, exercising or eating the green vegetables we don't even like because we were always force fed as kids. But it isn’t easy. And sometimes the pull of a sleep in or a chocolate biscuit is too great. And that's usually for a reason! The important bit is to fight off that guilt and remind ourselves that it does not make us weak, horrible people!


The key is finding balance, through movement, exercise, and wholesome food that you actually enjoy (it might sound impossible, but it really can be done!). Once you find that, it will be a whole lot easier to get up early in the morning when it's something that you really love doing!


If you want to get in some movement/exercise and wholesome eating but not hate life while you do, join us for the very first Getting Real session of 2014 in the forums for some tips and ideas. Monday January 6th, 8-10pm AEST. And you can guiltlessly eat chocolate during it if you want to!