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Re: [LIVE GR]: Bucket lists and experiences!

I hope everyone has a good night and rests well. This chat was really fun, I'm looking forward to next time.


Re: [LIVE GR]: Bucket lists and experiences!


In regards to how to keep tabs on where u're up to in books:

things i find helpful:

- Goodreads; it's an app in which u can record ur progress in a specific book as well as keep track of books in "shelves" labelled to-read, reading and read. Can create an unfinished "shelf" for books u have to return to the library or a friend, and it will keep progress for when u want to move a book back to reading.

- Keep all physical copies of books you're currently reading in the same place, preferably near where u read. For me that's next to my bed.

- Bookmarks; can be anything, but I prefer magnetic ones. Makes it harder for them to come out when my book is in my backpack, or really any bag.

- For ebooks; if have ereader, put on top of pile of books that you're currently reading, it's a book.

- For reading ebooks and audiobooks on phone; keep book related apps in the same place on the phone. I have a folder called "books", also keep library book apps like Overdrive there.

- See what u have; every now and then, go through all physical books, ebooks and audiobooks and actually assess what books u already have. If you're anything like me, there's a lot.

- For general encouragement in reading; dare a friend to a book race. (Eg. See who can finish the Harry Potter series first.) Gives u someone to talk about the series with, and brings some otherwise lacking competition to the reading world.

- Also sometimes the threat of spoilers can be a great motivator, though spoilers can also be a double-edged sword for motivation. So moderation.

- Last but not least, memes; they're a great way to enjoy you're fav part of a book with someone. Old-fashioned conversation works too.

Re: [LIVE GR]: Bucket lists and experiences!

@WheresMySquishyIn regards to scenic train journey:

I've heard there are long trains routes in europe which go between countries, which I'd love to try. Though I overheard a family member talking about an experience involving a cheap train ticket, that led to an overcrowded train without aircon, on a hot day, a train breakdown, and a sudden illegible train announcement in German. So research is advised!


One thing I really miss about lockdown, is going on the train. Doesn't matter where, though preferably the city (/long journey), preferably with a window seat. Just a book and some music, or a podcast, and all the buildings rushing past. When lockdown ends, I want to catch a train somewhere, wearing my Doctor Who cosplay and reading a good book.

Re: [LIVE GR]: Bucket lists and experiences!

@indieinsanus, That sounds like a great idea, I love the idea of backpacking places or hiking. But I've been putting off going hiking for a couple of years cause I'm inexperienced and don't really have anyone close to me who'd be willing to go with me. I was thinking earlier this year, that I should just go by myself, but well now this whole things happened. Ah well.


Re: [LIVE GR]: Bucket lists and experiences!

@Hozzles @ecla34 Ah, Duolingo. I don't know y i continue to let a green owl yell at me to get me to learn french. Though sometimes it motivates me to actually wake up and do something that is somewhat routine.

Re: [LIVE GR]: Bucket lists and experiences!

@AnnoyingCockatiel Yeah, I think backpacking would be an amazing experience sometime in the future when the world is in a better state. Its a shame about this situation. Hopefully things will improve soon though. 

Re: [LIVE GR]: Bucket lists and experiences!

@AnnoyingCockatiel  I'd love to try one of those routes too! I read an article about the train journeys in Switzerland and it looked so cool. Some of the people I've travelled with in the past went on train journeys but I regret not going with them.
Wow, that's such a bad experience! It doesn't sound very fun at all. I definitely try to do research before I go overseas Smiley LOL Kind of reminds me of one time I went whale watching and it was a total disaster.
I also miss going on trains! I live near a train station and I've used it a few times this year but because it's hard to social distance, I have been taking the bus more often instead. I want to explore more train stations.

Re: [LIVE GR]: Bucket lists and experiences!

If your in national parks in tasmania you should be fine i know plenty of women that have done the overland track plus more and all had great experiances because the people you meet have great storys and such or you might just not see anyone the whole time! Ps they were solo aswell

Re: [LIVE GR]: Bucket lists and experiences!

Book a holiday when it is safe to do so!

Go on adventures!

Support local / Australian businesses!

Enjoy life!

Travel the world!