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Re: Last GRsession for 2013: looking after yourself in the holidays

Great responses everyone! Great to see everyone being so involved and actively keeping themselves mentally healthy. Here's the summary for this year's final Getting Real session!


Over the summer holidays parties tend to be wilder and involve more drinking and even drugs. Are there any strategies that you use or could use to stop being peer pressured in these situations?


A large part of what we’ll do at a party is influenced by who we hand around with. So to prevent ourselves from being put in positions where we will be peer pressured, it is best to choose to hang around people who are more responsible and know their limits. Another strategy is to pre-empt, this is achieved by talking to your friends beforehand about your intentions to either drink moderately or not drink at all. One important thing to keep in mind when we are peer pressured is to be assertive, it is tough going against a crowd but stick to what you have decided is best. For more info on staying safe while partying check out


Parties over the summer holidays tend to be awesome fun but also can get out of hand. What are some dangerous situations at parties that you have seen? How do you avoid becoming wrapped up in these situations?


Over the summer, as we experience the highs of partying with friends and the lows of boredom, we can find ourselves in some pretty dicey situations. Some of the common situations which we can get ourselves wrapped up in during the summer holidays involve activities that are especially dangerous after drinking like: swimming, driving and getting into fights. To avoid getting caught up in these situations and doing something we regret we must remember to drink moderately. And if we are too intoxicated, remove ourselves from the situation such that there is no escalation or chance of doing something we regret. Another great strategy is to stick around friends, especially those who haven’t been drinking.

Contracting an STI is a bummer on so many levels – not only does it affect our physical health, it can affect our mental health too. What are some ways to protect yourself from STIs this summer?

The best way to avoid the nasties is protection! If you are going to do the deed you need to be prepared, if not do not proceed! It may be embarrassing to be seen buying condoms but getting an STI is magnitudes worse. To be extra cautious it is best to only hook up with partners that you trust.


People were initially really happy with the holidays and their newfound freedom but it didn't take long for boredom to set in. However, everyone was also able to think of ways to combat the boredom. Examples include finding more opportunities to hang out with friends, and cultivating skills and hobbies.

The Christmas holidays is a time for extended family contact. This can be stressful because everyone has different expectations and ideas and these can clash over time. People suggested that ways to make things easier for everybody included taking time out, and respecting one another and their space. It was also suggested that one should not favour one family member too much and to spread their attention amongst family members.

Having a routine or weekly schedule is important in helping us achieve a good physical and mental lifestyle. Some of the more common and helpful suggestions to incorporate into our schedules were exercise, having some sort of work to do, social outings, and cultivating hobbies. While it's great the holidays allow us to relax, it's also important to keep ourselves both physically and mentally healthy by having routines.

One important point for keeping mentally healthy is to make sure to get out of the house more!


Have a great holiday everyone! And thanks for making this year's Getting Real sessions so real!

Re: Last GRsession for 2013: looking after yourself in the holidays

What’s your number one tip for keeping mentally well this summer?


It's a holiday, allow yourself to relax and re-charge. I would suggest to myself to think more positively. Also don't let that mind wonder into the "What ifs this bad thing happen.." or "I can't be bothered doing..." domain.

Re: Last GRsession for 2013: looking after yourself in the holidays


My parting words are.... don't hesitate to ask for help if you are struggling!!

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Re: Last GRsession for 2013: looking after yourself in the holidays

Thanks Michine, Nathan and Sophie for the session. It was a really good topic!

Happy Christmas and don't let that peer pressure get to you on NYE drinks Smiley Happy