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Marriage is what brings us together, today


Next Monday at 8pm (24th March), Getting Real will be all about.... marriage. We've never had a session on this issue so here is what facilitators @EloiseRose and @SJG had to say about it....


The idea of marriage for most young people is highly controversial “one person for the rest of my life?!?!”


If I’m totally honest that’s a freaky thought to me, but some think it’s a rite of passage, some a necessity from which to build a family, and for some its so far away lost in the depths of our little brilliant brains that we haven’t thought of it at all. As society progresses marriage becomes more and more questioned, with around 50% of marriages ending in divorce is it worth it at all? And if it does work out what are the building blocks of a successful marriage? Can a person be too young or even too old to tie the knot? Or maybe you just want a pretty dress and a fairy tale story, the hype of a wedding can often cloud the following married life, how can newly weds deal with post honeymoon phase blue? And what is your opinion of arranged or marriages for convenience?


When we think of marriage usually some kind of religious connotation jumps to mind, but in our modern society what is the place of marriage outside of religious constraints, and is it still necessary or just a piece of paper. An important peice of this picture is that for the LGBT community in Australia couples don’t even have the option of considering all these questions. Marriage equality still seams pretty far off in our current political climate.


For a highly controversial topic we’re expecting some highly controversial conversations at our Getting Real session next week! Come along and give us your opinion on this age-old tradition.

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Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today

Hey guys! Welcome to tonight’s Getting Real session with @Eloiserose, @sophie-RO and @SJG! So its all about tying the knot, should we shouldn’t we? What are the pros and cons? With the divorce rate being as high as it is, what are you thoughts on the age-old institution of marriage? Does it have a place in modern society?


As always, we'd like this to be safe, fun and informative for everyone involved (this includes those who are following/reading along!).  If anything comes up for you that you feel you need to speak to someone one on one about, there are services available if you click  emergency help and info


So lets kick it off, what do you think makes a couple want to get married?


Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today



So I got married in January and have been with my partner for just on 6.5 years.


Being quite young alot and I mean this A LOT of people questioned our decision. We got told about how we met out of school and that we should travel and meet people before we decided - we were told that we were rushing things. But we kept going because even if we were living apart for work our connection got stronger and we kept coming back to each other.


We worked with our parents to plan our day - and it just seemed like I was planning a gigantic party. You see on the movies about Bridezilla's but I didn't go down that path and it was about how all involved could have a great day. On the day was my first freak out - OMG this is what old people do. Am I old now. Do people expect me to have kids (for the record, everyone asks you when that plan is after you get marriedSmiley Surprised).


Looking back now - other than a new name, nothing has changed. We had an amazing day - but all those fears I had that everything was going to change were proven wrong. We have great photos, I have a new name - but we're still just us.


I think the most important thing is to see it as a big party celebrating two people who get along like a house on fire. Second to that is on the day if you do get there - is to enjoy every moment as it goes so quick.


As for people and their judgements about getting married young - that's for them -  and they don't have the memory of the gigantic party and the great day.


My three point five cents Smiley Happy

Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today

Hi everyone! and as always, don't forget to post within the guidelines!

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Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today

I reckon people get married because they love each other...

Na i reckon its because they feel like as a couple they are ready to take it to the next level. Or maybe because society says after you have been together for long enough you just shouldddd

Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today

Thanks @Hails 

Thanks for coming tonight and congruatulaitons on your recent marriage.

What made you guys decide to get married?

Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today

Hey Hails!! Thanks so much for sharing your experience of marriage - great to hear it worked out like a great celebration and your relationship is just as strong as before....

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Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today

Hey @Hails ! Thats so nice to hear, seems things like that are pretty rare these days! My sister has a similar story actually, she got married really young and i think its all about where the couple is in the relationship not about how old you are in particular Smiley Happy And totally agree about the big party!!! So much fun! Although being maid of honor can be pretty stressful at times!

Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today


Being maid of honour must have been so stressful ! 

but good point about age not being an issue but more about where a couple is at

Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today

I reckon there is lots of reasons why people get married - some (like Hails) seem like a genuine celebration of their relationship... but when it's more about the actual wedding or you do it because it's just the expected thing to do when you get to a certain age.... well thats maybe some of the reasons that aren't so great...


what do other people think?

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