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Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today

Hey guys

Thanks so much for tonight. It can get pretty interesting talking about the role of the law and religion on marriage. And discussing the advatnages and disadvanatges of getting/ being married.

 Here is a summary from tonight 



Marriage Questions


  1. What do you think makes a couple want to get married?
    1. Strong connection to one and other
    2. Its not about age but about where the couple is at
    3. Wanting to declare their love


  1. Are some people more interesting in the wedding than the marriage?
    1. Yes they can be


  1. What makes a marriage last?
    1. Commitment
    2. Love
    3. Communication
    4. Open
    5. Honesty


  1. What are the advantages and the disadvantages of being married?

There has been more advantages than disadvantages mentioned which is pretty cool

  1. Companionship
  2. Support
  3. Sense of security


  1. Is there a too young, too soon or too late to get married?
    1. Careful consideration is needed before marrying in any situation, no matter what the age or time frame.’
    2. Legally yes 16 years old is too young in Australia
    3. Its about the psychological connection


  1. Knowing the divorce rate is almost above 50% what do you think is the reason for this?
    1. Knowing that divorce is an option lessens the stress
    2. Society’s view on marriage and relationships have changed
    3. Some people may rush into it
    4. The law has changed
    5. Women/ men leaving bad unhealthy relationships


  1. What are you thoughts on marriage equality amongst the LGBT community?
    1. Everyone should be allowed to get married
    2. The laws should be changed to support everyone



  1. What is the role of the law and religion in marriage these days?
    1. It’s a personal thing
    2. Marriage is not longer a solely religious event
    3. Law 

Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today

Thanks for the summary Eloise!!!!!!

Goodnight everyone!!!!!!1

Online Community Manager

Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today

Very interesting discussions and questions, goodnight everyone i enjoyed being part of it.

Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today


Thanks for your input tonight 


Re: Marriage is what brings us together, today



Know it's a late reply but I enjoy this topic, dearly.  


I feel that marriage is almost overrated, It's a announcement to everyone of your commitment to your significant other, why is there a need to plan a huge gathering to do that? It's like inviting everyone over to your house to only announce your goal to lose 10 kg in the next 4 months. 


Anyone else feel that way?

For the people whom are married, I don't wish to offend, I'm just an inquistive person. 

Although I wouldn't mind a simple garden party like Mark Zuckerburg's.