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Re: New Years Resolutions

How are you going to reward yourself when you achieve your goals?


I think different goals deserve different rewards and these are going to be personalised inasmuch as different people enjoy different things. You could make a list of small rewards, such as listening to some music, playing a video game or calling a friend (for a short period of time!). Also, larger rewards, such as buying yourself some new clothing or getting tickets to an upcoming music festival. Giving yourself small rewards along the way is positively reinforcing your desired behaviour - appreciate how effective this can be if you’re honest with your reward system (ie. video games for 10 hours when major assignment is due = dishonest Smiley Tongue)

Re: New Years Resolutions

Thank you everyone for checking out tonight’s discussion. Hopefully we’ve managed to inspire, motivate and share some amazing tips. We’re wishing you all a wonderful year full of surprises, fun and smiles. 

Re: New Years Resolutions

Here’s a little summary of tonight’s discussion.


What kind of New Year’s Resolutions do you have this year?

-       improving oneself physically eg. becoming more fit, drinking plenty of water

-       improving oneself mentally eg. do better at uni/school, make good friends, relax

-       improving oneself emotionally eg. become happier, find satisfying work

-       starting new hobbies eg. learning music, bulking at the gym


How have you dealt with NY resolutions in the previous years?


By never giving up ! Failure is part of the process of achieving goals. No one said it was gonna be easy. A positive attitude goes a long way in helping you get desired outcomes. We should reflect on previous experiences and try to improve our goal setting skills. Any bit of progress is good for motivation.


How are you going to tackle them this year? And what goal setting methods do you have?


-       setting realistic and achievable goals that are specific

-       setting a fresh goal

-       write the goal down. if you can see it, it’s more real.

-       having a goal that is measurable

-       have short and long term goals

-       don’t leave things till the last minute

-       have plan B,C,D,E,F,G…Z all ready to go

-       review your goals every 2 months and remind yourself why you have that goal


How can you stay motivated with your goals?


Remind yourself why you have these goals. Imagine what it feels like to have achieved them – happier, healthier and more successful.


How can you stay positive and reward yourself when you achieve your goal?


Focus on what you’ve achieved. See how far you’ve come. Any progress is good progress. Be optimistic. Rewards come in all shapes and sizes. They can be tangible objects, holidays or just being happy. Rewards are good for motivating.

Re: New Years Resolutions



Specific – Can your goals be broken into smaller achievable steps?


Motivational – How motivated are you to carry out this goal?


Accountable – Can your goal be measured and accounted for?


Responsible –  Will it cost you anything?


Touchable  – How will you know when you’ve achieved it?


Re: New Years Resolutions

Thanks for an awesome sesh tonight guys! Was a great way to start off the GR sessions for the year. Thanks FTP and Ruenhonx for facilitating Smiley Happy. Good night all! Smiley Very Happy

Re: New Years Resolutions

Thank you for the discussion everyone. Have a great night. 

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Re: New Years Resolutions

Just wanted to quickly thank ruenhonx & Sophie for facilitating & organising tonight's discussion. And to everyone for contributing or for watching this space.

Once again HAPPY NEW YEAR !

I'm out.