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Re: SLOW-MO: Coping with Study Stress, 21st-25th of September

Ohhh I almost missed this one!


Are you studying at the moment? How are you finding it? Anything you're really loving or finding challenging?

I've been in the study game for almost 18 years...that's crazy, when you think about it. I finished my Honours year last semester. I get this semester off before (hopefully) doing my Masters next year. It was really challenging, can't really write a thesis without face2face learning, but I did it.


What are your top study tips?

Create a playlist that hits different, that makes you excited to listen to it. It makes study a lil more fun


How can we cope when we don't get the grade or mark we wanted? 

I went to my supervisor to try and learn from it, so I can be more efficient in my learning next time. I try and keep it pragmatic as possible.



Re: SLOW-MO: Coping with Study Stress, 21st-25th of September

Hi everyone I love this thread and have been checking it super often and writing down everyone's study tips. I'm really bad with study stress but it's something I'm really trying to work on, so I've found this very helpful! I think when I don't get a grade I wanted I use that as motivation to do better next time. Usually when I don't get a good grade it's because I've lost motivation, left it to the last minute and not done enough study so I use that to give me push for next time, making sure I read all the feedback and comments and use it as a real learning experience, trying to have a positive mindset when looking at it. Also just remembering that grades aren't a representation of value as a human being, I know it's a cliche but for me it's super important especially when I feel pressure to perform. And also of course doing something a lil fun to remind myself it's not the end of the world and it was only 1 grade Smiley Happy

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Re: SLOW-MO: Coping with Study Stress, 21st-25th of September

Looking forward to reading everyone's tips! I'm not studying at the moment but I'm sure I'll take something up again at some point, so it's always good to have this stuff in mind. 

Re: SLOW-MO: Coping with Study Stress, 21st-25th of September

That is an awesome strategy @sunnygirl606, I also find that giving myself some time away from an assignment or specific feedback allows me to relax and refocus so that I can really take in what I need to to improve! Great tip Heart

Re: SLOW-MO: Coping with Study Stress, 21st-25th of September

Ooh, this is a tough one for me! I'm quite the perfectionist so if I don't get HDs all round I struggle to cope 😂 It's so pathetic because at the end of the day we all come out with the same bloody piece of paper whether we get HDs or Ps but for some reason I can't quite get my brain to apprecite that.. so would love to hear everyones tips!! 


I usually end up wanting to drop out and thinking I'm not going to make a good health professional butttttt covid has changed a lot for me study wise which I have slowly begun to accept and with that comes accepting a slip in my grades.. and strangely I'm okay with that? It's like I don't care all of a sudden? Like I do care.. too much, but it's easier to just block it out and ignore it? Not sure if that makes sense..? I feel like I'm hiding behind the whole covid excuse atm and when we go back face to face and my grades stay the same I won't cope 😂 


So I'll take any advice I can get here! Was literally going to ask my psych for help with this next week but you guys got in first!! Love it!!

Re: SLOW-MO: Coping with Study Stress, 21st-25th of September

Oh boy, I'm not the best when it comes to dealing with disappointing marks Smiley LOL It's good to indulge yourself in some self-care and step away from the assignment, to start off with. I think it's also important to consider the fact that academic success is something we can work on, rather than something that cannot be improved on. This is related to the idea of a growth mindset, where intelligence is not fixed and can be worked on through hard work. Finally, reach out to others if you need help with understanding the assignment, or if you just want to talk. These are just the tips I wanted to share, everyone else has already made some great suggestions!

Re: SLOW-MO: Coping with Study Stress, 21st-25th of September

This is a great question! 

My friends who are currently studying have absolutely noticed a change in their grades since covid too @MB95 - you are not alone there! I hope that brings some comfort Heart


I definitely think stepping back and doing some self-care is a great strategy @featuringme. I'd usually will have a moment where I would think "Well what do they even know?!" about my lecturers/tutors and be very reluctant to accept things at first! But then I take a step back and consider their feedback in a more objective way. 

I also think getting some support from others is a great tip too! I was lucky that my brother studied something similar to me and we were able to debrief and share stuff. He also taught me how to reference, had absolutely no clue how to do that Cat LOL 


(Also @Tay100 Ì really appreciated your Jane the Virgin gif, I miss that show so much Heart

Re: SLOW-MO: Coping with Study Stress, 21st-25th of September

sneaking in to post a question for today!


What strategies do you use to help you cope with study stress? 

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We had a live chat on Accessing Mental Health Support Online! Smiley Very Happy Check it out here! Heart

Re: SLOW-MO: Coping with Study Stress, 21st-25th of September

I try my absolute best to stay organised.. it's a challenge in itself but I find having a million sticky notes on my computer screen (like not physical ones but in the computer ones? Idk what it's called lol..) kinda helps.. I have one for every subject and have all my assessments at the top then week by week schedules on in below and as I go I can backspace that shit and never see it again! Oh the relief when things are done!! 👌 I also have a general weekly one where I write myself a little list out with what I want to accomplish each day before going home.. I find breaking my assignments into smaller chunks is way less overwhelming and allows me to actually get things done and not have a complete meltdown! So staying organised is a big thing for me! 




Also learning to accept shit does hit the fan. So learning to allow myself to take a break and do some self care. I used to sit there for hours staring blankly and get so upset and overwhelmed but now (with the help of my psych) we've come up with a plan to get up and leave the space when I'm like that. Sometimes I'll completely pack up and go home and others I throw my headphones in and go for a few laps of the uni to try and calm myself down and refocus. Idk, it's been really difficult adjusting to it but now that I have I've noticed I am alot more relaxed with my studies. Stress still hits but I'm usually there waiting with my boxing gloves ready to fight!! 💪

Re: SLOW-MO: Coping with Study Stress, 21st-25th of September

@MB95 It sounds like that you've been developing a really great balance between doing what you can to stay on top of things, while also recognising that it's inevitable that sometimes life will get the best of us, and when that happens what's so important is being able to take care of ourselves and cope Cat Very Happy


Really glad to hear that you've been able to develop some self-care strategies around when you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed...sometimes what's really needed is for us to be able to take a break and recharge so we can start functioning at full capacity again