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Re: [SLOW-MO GR] Loneliness

These are amazing responses! I love the all the suggestions for helping others Smiley Happy   @LeoTheLion @May_ @keezeik @cupcakes_032 @Bee @lokifish @mrmusic


It's time for the next question, we're almost to the end! Smiley Very Happy

5. How can we bring up loneliness in conversation or ask someone if they are lonely?


Re: [SLOW-MO GR] Loneliness

5. How can we bring up loneliness in conversation or ask someone if they are lonely?

This is a tough one!! I'm not sure if I'd use the word lonely because it could quite confronting but I would ask the person what they've been up to and how they have been. This conversation should hopefully give you a bit of an idea about where they are at and from there you could possibly ask them if they are feeling okay with how things are at the moment or if they would prefer things to change.

Re: [SLOW-MO GR] Loneliness

Final question for the GR.....


Why is loneliness important to talk about? Is there anything you've learned from this chat that you would like to share?

Re: [SLOW-MO GR] Loneliness

Why is loneliness important to talk about? 


Loneliness is super important to talk about before it is one of the most common underlying reasons for depression. Loneliness can cause depression and with that everything spirals out of control. As I said I belief loneliness is the first stepping stone and if we can get ahead of this issue, maybe just maybe we can stop people from become depressed (yes I know there are many other various factors to lead to depression). If we can help those who are feeling lonely then maybe they can focus more on fixing other aspects in their life. And another thing about loneliness, it doesn't discriminate, everyone can experience loneliness. That person who hangs around their friends all friend? You wouldn't have a clue that they are feeling like the loneliness person on the planet. 

Re: [SLOW-MO GR] Loneliness

That concludes this week's Slow-MO a HUGE thank you to everyone who popped in to discuss this topic!

As always you are more than welcome to come and answer the questions later if you missed it Smiley Happy

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