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Re: Schools OUT & Schoolies is IN

What's one peice of advice you'd take out of tonights discussion? It's really made me appeciate the holiday I had, and that there are so many things that can go wrong at schoolies... It's really important to make sure people have got your back.

Re: Schools OUT & Schoolies is IN

Safety around parties, and being careful with alcohol.

Re: Schools OUT & Schoolies is IN

I liked the tapping out system that LeaLea mentioned, and never leaving anyone alone. A few people mentioned that which really reiterated its importance to me.

Re: Schools OUT & Schoolies is IN



Here’s a summary of tonight’s discussion.

Plenty of useful tips and ideas for you. Smiley Happy


Ideas on how to celebrate schoolies.


  • Holiday          – local (city), interstate (Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast), overseas (Bali)
  • Holiday          – with friends or family (holiday house)
  • Party              – BBQs, sleep overs, beach party
  • Fun stuff        –  shopping, spa treatments, movies, gig/concert, clubbing, chill at home
  • Cruise

How to make your experience a safe one.



  • Don’t go off on your own or with people you’ve just met. Stranger danger!
  • Keep an eye on your friends. Keep them safe from high-risk situations.
  • Think about your boundaries for having fun. What are the limits?
  • ! Party together (with friends)!
  • Have a meeting spot. Have everyone’s number on your phone.
  • Implement a buddy system so no one tries to get home alone or goes off alone.
  • Think about how much you plan to drink. Mixing drinks and drugs is risky.
  • Think about sex and whether you want to hook up. Think about the consequences.
  • A tap system – tapping a friend out means they’re timed out from fun for a bit.

Worse case scenarios.


  • Hangovers
  • Injuries could lead to pricey and serious visits to the hospital
  • Arrested for breaking the law can jeopardise your future  
  • Excessive drug and alcohol intake can lead to life threatening or long term consequences (eg. overdose, psychological damage)
  • Getting into fights
  • Sexual assault (eg. rape)
  • Drink spiking
  • Loss of dignity & shame
  • Getting lost
  • Fights with friends
  • Doing stupid stuff you will regret
  • Personal belongings being stolen

In case of an emergency.


  • Call 000 (if you’re in Australia) for the ambulance or police
  • Know where the nearest police station and hospital is located
  • Red Frogs
  • People of authority (eg. security guards)
  • Never hurts to learn some first aid
  • Keep your parents, guardians or someone who you trust in the loop
  • Call you friends parents/guardian/trusted individual and keep them informed

The good side of schoolies.


  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Once in a lifetime opportunity to bond with friends
  • Having your first holiday without the parents
  • Celebrating the end of school
  • Having time to do whatever you want
  • Meet lots of people and be social
  • Making amazing memories
  • Celebrating the first step to becoming an adult
  • The importance of celebrating your hard work
  • Celebrating the different paths you and your friends will take after school



Thank you all so much for joining us tonight.



Re: Schools OUT & Schoolies is IN

Thanks everyone! Thanks for all yr advice tonight!

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Re: Schools OUT & Schoolies is IN

See y'all next week Cat Tongue


Re: Schools OUT & Schoolies is IN

bye all!

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