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Re: Totally addicted to....................

bethechange wrote:

Hi there everyone!

I have a friend who has had an ongoing issue with addiction and it has affected almost everything in his life. It controls where he goes, how long he goes for and it is always on his mind, which stresses him out.

That sounds tough. Do you find it hard to watch his addiction impact his life? 

Re: Totally addicted to....................

Welcome Sagira. Smiley Happy 


What makes you dislike the internet? 

Re: Totally addicted to....................

Welcome Pris!

That’s true, I think a lot of us are probably addicted to the internet (which doesn’t make it okay of course) and also our phones, and the internet on our phones (well played marketing team)! I feel the same, if I haven’t googled something for a few hours – it makes me feel uneasy.

Re: Totally addicted to....................

Evening everyone! I hope you are all swell tonight! 


Have you ever felt like you (or someone you know) were addicted to something and how did

it make you feel?   


A lot of people thought (and possibly still think) that I have a problem with alcohol. I, myself, felt like it wasn't/isn't a problem and so it didn't really bother me (except for the finance side of things), but when people started pointing it out, it really bothered me.

Re: Totally addicted to....................

I'd say it's frustrating insofar as I know I'm just wasting time when I could be doing other things, but I wouldn't say it's confusing.


And when I say a lot of time on the net, I mean literally from about an hour or so after I get up to about five minutes before I go to bed. Given this is like 9.30am to around midnight or later most days; this can kind of make it seem like I'm not really achieving much.

Re: Totally addicted to....................

Okay now I think about it, and with all the mentions of the internet, I suppose I could say I'm addicted to my phone to a certain degree.

Re: Totally addicted to....................

Hi all,

Have you ever felt like you (or someone you know) were addicted to something and how did it make you feel?

I tend to have obsessions more than addictions. I can fixate on things at times which is really annoying when I want to shift my focus but can't. I agree with others, I do have a bit of an internet addiction of sorts though. And chocolate! I struggle to leave it alone if there's any in the house.

Re: Totally addicted to....................

Hey there graphiqual, welcome to the discussion.

You’re right, it can seem like for some people that they struggle being who they truly are because they have this external ‘thing’ governing then mind (and their time!).

Re: Totally addicted to....................

Hey graphiqual! it will be great to have your opinion tonight - even if you haven't directly experienced it.

Its always great to think about issues that don't directly affect us - that way if we ever face it in ourselves or someone else we care about in the future, we are better equipped to help.

Online Community Manager

Re: Totally addicted to....................

More to add: also, quite often I have multiple tabs open simultaneously. Like, right now, I've got this, Facebook, Tumblr, imdb and my email account open. And this is perfectly normal.

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