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Why Volunteer?

Giving up your free time for absolutely nothing in return is not somehting that makes much sense in this frantic, fast paced, career driven world we live in. When we aren't working, studying, seeing friends, trying to keep up with current affairs, or getting some sleep, we should probably be trying to rest up and recharge. Right?


I feel ya, you're probably thinking. Sometimes it feels like the idea of volunteering has turned into the big martyr-esque "I-just-don't-know-HOW-you-do-it" type of thing. 


But really, volunteering is not about sacrificing your soul for the good of the nation.



And perhaps there is more to volunteering than the 'stuck-on-my-feet-all-day-in-a-soup-kitchen' volunteering fantasty/nightmare that so many people invisage when the term is mentioned....


I think it's time were-think what volunteering means, and rephrase the common misconception that when you volunteer, you are giving your time for nothing in return.


As someone who has volunteered for over ten years now, I think I am in the position to say that volunteering is in all seriousness probably what got me where I am today. And I'm not talking about warm and fuzzy something somethings that have kept my heart afloat, no, I'm talking about the skills, the experience, and the netowrking. The practical, hands on work, the exposure to a real workforce, and the perspective that I have gained from working in spaces that I would not have been able to work if I had not volunteered. 


So, tonight at 8PM AEST, we're going to take some time to talk about volunteering and what it really looks like. For those of you who have never volunteered, we want to hear about why you haven't volunteered. Is it because you don't have time? Are there no opportunities? Or does it just seem like the kind of thing you wouldn't like to do? For those who have volunteered, we want to hear about your experiences (the good AND the bad!) and understand a little better the type of things a person can gain from doing volunteer work.




See you then!





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Re: Why Volunteer?

Hello everyone!


Welcome to tonight's Getting Real session!!! Tonight myself and Ruenhonx will be cofaciliating. Tonight we are discussing VOLUNTEERING.


Why do some volunteer and others don't? How do you find volunteering opportunities? And what do you gain from volunteering? If you have never volunteered before, come along and learn about what it is like to be a volunteer and if you have volunteered, come share your experiences!!!


It should be a really fantastic night, so look forward to hearing from you all!!


As per usual, normal forum guidelines are still important, so have a read if you are not sure what you are allowed to post on these forums!


To start us off tonight:


Have you done volunteer work? What type? Do any of your friends volunteer?


Re: Why Volunteer?

Have you done volunteer work? What type? Do any of your friends volunteer?


I do volunteer work, I started at around 16-17 and I started small and gradually got more involved Smiley Happy 

I like working with people and helping people because that brings me so much joy. 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Why Volunteer?

Hey hey, everyone. Hope you are all swell this evening and I'm actually super keen for this GR sesh. Sooooo let's do this, yo!


Have you done volunteer work? What type? Do any of your friends volunteer?

I've had more volunteering jobs than I have paid jobs.

I've volunteered with heeeeaaaaps of organisations, doing a whole range of jobs. I've done things like the Vinnies Chrissy Appeal (collected and handed out food/clothes/toys in the community), the Red Sheild Appeal and the 40 Hour Famine (I've done these for the past 6 years, whoa!), local volunteering (for community health and businesses around town) and also work with! Woooooo!


A lot of my friends don't understand the point of it all. A common statement is 'Why would you do ALL that work for FREE!?!' Simple answer guys, I LOVE IT! 

but volunteering has also resulted me in making HEAPS of friend, I'm very lucky

Re: Why Volunteer?

Evening all Smiley Happy


Have you done volunteer work? What type? Do any of your friends volunteer?

Yes indeed I have! I love volunteering. I've done student mentoring at uni, helping out at discipline specific events at uni (like the stall for my degree at open day or running tours), reading with primary school kids and a little bit of helping out at my local headspace.


I have a few friends who volunteer - and a few that I've met as a direct result of volunteering actually!! Smiley Happy

Re: Why Volunteer?

Have you done volunteer work? What type? Do any of your friends volunteer?

Hey guys!

I used to volunteer at the community radio station, and at my local soccer club.
I also used to give blood... If that counts as volunteering..

Re: Why Volunteer?

*I mean I currently give blood

Re: Why Volunteer?

@Rhelna I'd really like to give blood, but I hate getting my blood taken for tests, let alone giving bags full Smiley Embarassed

Re: Why Volunteer?

Hey everyone. 


It seems like a lot of us have done quite a lot of volunteering, which is awesome and so inspiring. 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Why Volunteer?

Welcome guys!! So glad to have you all here!

Thanks for telling us a bit about your experiences volunteering!


Dreamcatcher - sounds like you've done HEAPS of volunteer work! I love your answer to that question. I totally agree! It's great fun!


DD - seems like you've had great experiences volunteering too. Reading with primary kids sounds like heaps of fun!


Rhelna - Giving blood totally counts! I've always wanted to give blood! Definitely something I want to do in the next year!