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You can eat cookies. They are yum.

Gym clothes are laid out. Runners are ready. All set for a morning run. But it is a bit cold outside. And

it might rain. And I have a long day… Alarm goes off. I don’t even open my eyes as I stop the beeping.

The run never stood a chance. I roll over for more sleep. “I’ll go tomorrow” I say to myself. A feeling

of guilt seeps into the pit of my stomach. I cuddle into the warm blankets to try to make myself feel

better. Maybe tomorrow…




Have you ever felt like this? Chances are you have. Most of us have tried to “be healthy”, exercising

or eating the green vegetables we were always force fed as kids. But it isn’t easy. And sometimes

the pull of a sleep in or a chocolate biscuit is too great. Does this make us weak, horrible people? Of

course not! The key is finding balance, through exercise and healthy food that you actually enjoy (it

might sound impossible, but it can be done!). Once you find some, it will be a whole lot easier to get

up early in the morning!


If you want to get in some exercise and healthy eating but not hate life while you do, join us in the

forums for some tips and ideas.


Monday January 6th, 8-10pm AEST. And you can guiltlessly eat chocolate during it if you want to!

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And still, I rise.

Re: You can eat cookies. They are yum.

Hey guys, welcome to the first Getting Real session of the year! I'm Magga, and facilitating this session with me will be rt262 and Rosie Smiley Happy



In this session, we’ll be talking about being healthy, and discussing what that means and what it looks like in everyday life. Obviously everyone has their own definition of health, and one person’s idea of health may be completely different – even opposite – to someone else’s…so I think this will be a really interesting session!


It’s not just about ‘staying fit’- staying healthy is about feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. Keep your own mental and emotional health in mind tonight! Please feel free to not participate if it's going to be a) triggering for you, b) if it goes against advice given to you by health professionals or c) you don't want to!
If you are feeling like you need someone to talk to after participating in any of this, please contact a one of these services: KHL (1800 551 800) or Life Line (13 11 14) - both are available 24/7.


Alright, first question! What is your idea of being healthy?

Re: You can eat cookies. They are yum.

Hi all! I hope everyone had a good Christmas - I'm keen to get into our first GR for 2014! Great topic to start on Smiley Happy


My idea of being healthy is when felling mentally and emotionally well, alert and able to concentrate, able to engage with all of the activities that I want to do in my life and being physically healthy/ fit.

Re: You can eat cookies. They are yum.

Hey! I'm pretty excited to hear the different thoughts in this session Smiley Happy


For me, being healthy is in part about feeling healthy- which can seem largely physical. But I do know that if I'm thinking bad thoughts then that is not healthy either. I think it's like you said @Magga it's physical and emotional health as well as mental. Because even if I'm sick or injured when I'm happy and laughing I feel a hundred times better! So, I guess healthier!

Re: You can eat cookies. They are yum.

Hi everyone! So great to be back. I work in health and study health and try to be healthy, so I'm excited about this session. 


So..  What is your idea of being healthy? To me, being healthy is treating your body and mind in a way that makes you feel good, positive, and energised, in a sustainable way that works for you.

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And still, I rise.

Re: You can eat cookies. They are yum.

Hello Magga and everyone else to join Smiley Happy

I'm pleased I've made it to the first session this year, and on time too! Smiley Tongue woo

What is your idea of being healthy?
My idea of being healthy is having a balanced lifestyle. Being healthy isn't just looking after yourself physically but mentally, emotionally. socially and spiritually as well.


We reflected on the joys of 2019

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: You can eat cookies. They are yum.

hey @delicatedreamer , hope you had a great Christmas/New Year! 


Sounds like everyone has a similar definition of their own health - feeling both physically and mentally ready to take on any and all challenges. It's important to feel engaged and energised - personally, if I'm feeling like this, I'd say I'm feeling healthy too Smiley Happy

Re: You can eat cookies. They are yum.

My idea of being healthy is knowing that I've moved and fed my body well, as long as I've exercised and eaten moderately healthy, then I feel good.

I have to work harder of feeling as though I have healthier mental health. Taking time out for myself each day helps though, turning off electronic devices and either reading or writing helps.

Re: You can eat cookies. They are yum.

Hey @Bee, thanks for coming along! I agree, a balanced lifestyle is key - if you're lacking in one area, it seems to drag down everything else. 


Welcome @florenceforever ! Great idea about turning off devices - the days I spend just looking at a screen leave me feeling so tired and lacking in any desire to do anything. It drains you!

Re: You can eat cookies. They are yum.

Glad you mentioned social and spiritual health Bee! I'd forgotten those, but I agree, they are an important part of being healthy too Smiley Happy