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Re: [CHAT] Aromantic and Asexual

Personally, I think we need more representation, but really I'd love movies and shows to stop with all the romantic subplots Smiley Tongue

It’s a catch 22 situation unfortunately @N1ghtW1ng. The viewing audience has become so used to these romantic subplots, so they now expect it. There needs to be less of an emphasis on relationships in society in general, as there is no “typical human being” - and the media are in a great position to help.

Re: [CHAT] Aromantic and Asexual

Very true @mrmusic Smiley Tongue But at least there are books Smiley Happy
I agree with affirming people as who they are, because it's important to remember that there are lots of different kinds of people and they should all be who they are.

Re: [CHAT] Aromantic and Asexual

Very true @N1ghtW1ng - the written word can be so powerful!

Re: [CHAT] Aromantic and Asexual

That brings us to the end of our chat tonight. Thanks to everyone @Bree-RO @roseisnotaplant @mrmusic @scared01 and @basketofmonkeys for stopping by Smiley Happy


Feel free to continue this chat if you feel like adding anything and until next time! Smiley Very Happy

See You Later GIF by chuber channel


Re: [CHAT] Aromantic and Asexual

thanks everyone, i found this chat quite interesting Smiley Happy

@N1ghtW1ng@mrmusic@basketofmonkeys@roseisnotaplant@Bree-RO(and anyone passing through

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