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Re: 5 random things about you!

1) I love the fact that I'm blond and I'm proud of my hair.

2) I love the Harry Potter movies and I'm proud to say that I've been in the Warner Bros Stuidio...

3) I'm fan of the most loved and in the same time most hated performers. 

4) I always sing when taking a shower. 

5) I love blue eyes!


Re: 5 random things about you!

I actually always find these extremely difficult because I can never seem to think of anything random enough. But anyway, here goes... 


1. I don't like it when I'm asked what my favourite colour is, because I don't have a favourite colour, I have favourite colour schemes and combinations. And my favourite colour combinations seem to always change, at the moment it would have to be yellow + bright green/blue. 

2. My guitar is named Cheryl. 

3. I've never had a crush on a guy (and I'm 18) but I've fallen head over heels in love with New York City, and I dream about that day I can go back Smiley Very Happy

4. I have an intense obsession with blue cheese. 

5. I know from experience that the toilets in gold class Event cinemas are actually the most incredible thing. They have individual cubicles each with a sink and everything, each larger than what's normally a disabled toilet cubicle. And it's all pretty and mirrors and shiny! Legit the most amazing thing. 


Re: 5 random things about you!



1) I sing in the shower.. 

2) i always always play with my hair

3) GAYTIME ice-cream is the best\

4) i say random nicknames to my friends


andf the list goes on and on Smiley Happy


Re: 5 random things about you!

I love writing fictional stories


I love green tea


I procrastinate too much


I sleep with a teddy bear called Lola


I like nothing better than going for drives with my best friend with the music so loud we ca't even hear ourselves sing.



Re: 5 random things about you!

1. i love to run!

2. i have five piercings and one tattoo

3. i can't skate, or do handstands or cartweels Smiley Sad

4. banana and nutella on toast is the best

5. i could sit on the couch watching cop shows all day


Re: 5 random things about you!

five random thing eh? okay then lets see now


1. the worst nightmare ive ever had was of me in a really dark room, all i could see was a small staute of a white rabit with the sound of a dog barking in the distance... i didnt sleep for a week after that, not sure why it even scared me but it did


2. i have frequent twiches supposedly to spinal injury from falling off 20 meter high trees one too many times


3. i havnt been able touch small objects or anything with small parts without touching the entire thing over (making keyboards dificult) my entire life on and off


4. i eat and work out (alot) and never gain weight. (doctors are thinking of medicating me for it, its that bad)


5. i have a 96% average accuracey with a 22' BRUNO longrifle (unscoped/no stand) at 50 meters. (results taken from the last two years of score boards)


and there are five random things about me


Re: 5 random things about you!

Ok here we go!

1. I don't have any pets Smiley Sad

2. I currently have a picture of 3 giraffes in suits on my wall Smiley Happy

3. I love adventure time

4. I'm supposed to be doing homework now but I'm not Smiley Tongue

5. I have cystic fibrosis

Re: 5 random things about you!

1 - I can do the scary death metal singing

2 - I have swum with sharks before

3 - I played indoor soccer at a National Level

4 - I'm trying my luck as a freelance artist

5 - I climbed the Story Bridge


Re: 5 random things about you!

1. I only have two knuckles on both my four in total Smiley Happy

2. I have a pet budgerigar

3. I do dancing everyday except tuesdays and sundays

4. I love playing the guitar

5. I also love keeping up with the kardashians (guilty as charged)


Re: 5 random things about you!

HI EVERYONE!!! with some many newish poele posting here lately I thought I'd do a big hello to everyone. I love 5 raqndom things because you find out such interesting stuff about people!!


Hi llaurenbutler – oh you are not alone here in your love of HP – so many here in the RO co\mmunity are big harry potter fans!! Do you mean that you went to the Harry Potter theme park in Florida!!?!?! Oh and you’ve me curious now – the most loved and hated performer? You have to tell us who now!!!


OH Dragana, you and laurenbutler both have something with me - I totally love to sing in the shower too. Ohhhhh, how I love to sing in the shower!!. There is something great about  having the iPod blasting and singing yr lil heart out! Gaytimes are defo the best too– I gotta agree with you 100% there.


Clio Helen So you are a writer, that’s awesome. Have you written many fictional stories? What types of characters do you write about? You car ride singing sounds a bit like how I sing in the shower!!!!


jazzyv I’m really trying to get into running – I’m about to start this whole couch to 5kms thingo where hopefully I will go from not running – ever – to actually enjoying it! So it sounds like a great self-care day for you would be a big run followed by a few hours on the couch watching cop shows eating banana and nutella on toast. You should remember that the next time you are having a bad day!!


Transparent_fox how come you have fallen out of trees multiple times? Are you a deforestation activist? Do you like building tree houses? Or… What’s the story? Thamnks for sharing…!


OhMyGlob: Aw, sad face re: no pets?? What sort of pet would you like to have if you could? What’s adventure time? What’s the last adventure you’ve been on? It doesn’t surprise me that you like adventures bedcause I know a few people with CF and they are extremely brave and strong people!!! Great to have you here!


GraceInSpace Do you sing in a metal band?  And OMFG what sort of sharks were they and were you in a cage? Did yous ee that footage going around the internet a little while back of the woman swimming with a great white??? Amazing struff! 


ecargyracka I’m really curious what 2 knuckles looks like!? Does it just look the same as everyone else?? What sort of dancer are you? Krumping?? Line dancing? Go-go dancing!? Oh and with you playing guitar and  Gracein space doing death metal growling we could have our own RO metal band!!! Yay!! 

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