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Re: 5 random things about you!

You can name 40 elements on the periodic table @Groovy_Popsicles? That's awesome!

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx wow, four siblings? That's so many! What's it like being the oldest? (also, I edited your post to remove the town you live in for anonymity Smiley Happy)

You are definitely interesting @May0414! Teaching yourself four instruments is awesome, which four did you learn? If you'd like to share, I'd love to see the flowers you've drawn Smiley Happy We have a drawing thread somewhere on here. Aaaand welcome to the forums!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: 5 random things about you!

All good @N1ghtW1ng. Being the oldest is a bit tough, but my siblings have similiar ages. So it's not hard to look after them when my mum and dad need me too.

Re: 5 random things about you!

I'm gonna try my best at this,

1) I sleep with a stuffed koala every night.

2) I love the smell of vanilla

3) I love camping

4) I refuse to walk around downstairs of my house by myself at night.

5) I love cheese

Re: 5 random things about you!

This is my first time on the forums, so might as well!


1) I love to write novels, and I currently have 6 works in progress (I never get much done on any of them)

2) I'm kind of a stuffed animal collector, I have too many to count!

3) I really enjoy horror content despite what most tend to think when they meet me
4) My favourite classes at the moment are; Latin, French and Psychology

5) I have two rabbits called Bonnie and Clover, and a really old cat called Raffles

Re: 5 random things about you!

Hello and welcome @Vanilla56! Smiley Very Happy Does your stuffed koala have a name? I'm sure that they are so cute! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

Hello and welcome (again) @Aluzar Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Six novels??? That's amazing! What kind of genres are they?

Re: 5 random things about you!


Mostly Sci-Fi/Action but I have a couple fanfictions in the works ehehe Smiley Happy

Re: 5 random things about you!

Ummmmm.... took me a while to think about this one.


1. I can only sleep on my stomach 

2. I love coffee ice creams 

3. When me and my brother were younger, we used to pretend to argue to annoy my mum (it worked every time) 

4. I love to doodle when I study, it helps me think 

5. When I go the wrong direction, I look at my phone and pretend someone texted me and then turn around 

Re: 5 random things about you!

um...ok update on my five things:

1.My now Ex-Boyfriend broke up with me yesterday. Why?. well cause of a friendship with someone who has been there and supported me all the way through my depression and anxiety. and my friend (it is a guy BTW) & i have have a very relaxed friendship.

2. i love coffee!!!!!

3.i live on a farm 

4.i  love anime (i think i said this one in another post lol)


Re: 5 random things about you!

Hello and welcome @gittypoo!
Hahaha that's hilarious about you and your brother! Smiley Very Happy Do you have any favourite doodles?

Thanks for the update @BonnieBoo! Smiley Happy What's the biggest fish you've ever caught? It sucks to hear about your ex but it's great you have such a supportive friend in your life Smiley Happy

Re: 5 random things about you!

idk these are the first 5 things that came into my head.....


1. whenever I listen to a new song I write a short story that I imagine whilst listening to the song 

2. I never think before I act 

3. Yellow is my favorite colour 

4. I'm different 

5. popcorn and soy sauce is the best combo of food