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5 random things about you!

It's time for 5 random things! Man Very Happy

Let's try and make it as random as possible.


1. Peppermint icecream is the best! I wish I could eat peppermint icecream for breakfast lunch and dinner

2. While my hair is boring-brown now, over the years my hair has been blonde, black, red, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink.

3. I love walruses!!!!!

4. Being at the beach makes me the happiest

5. I love fantasy books (and movies) Tolkien and Ursula Le Guin are my favs


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Re: 5 random things about you!

Random things are random and random is awesome because awesome is random and no I don't know where this sentence is meow.


1) I often get called a "History Nerd" because I love history and religion and seem to have a natural talent for it.

2) I sleep with my teddy bear named Chocolate because of his colour in a sleeping bag under my blankey and quilt (because its so cold!)

3) I'm terrified of the dark, windows, mirrors, doorways, some creepy-crawlies and a myriad of other stuff.

4) Massive love of mustard, but also of spicy sauces on almost any food.

5) Camping in a small tent, in a national park (so its quiet) when its raining and storming and windy is so peaceful and is one of my favourite things to do.

Re: 5 random things about you!

Hmm, I don't really know how to do this but i'll try~


1 - I like singing loudly.

2 - I tend to use '~' a lot.

3 - I'm a bit weird.

4 - Currently going through a break up (fyi with another guy), and dunno how to get over him.

5 - I'm awkward. LOL

Re: 5 random things about you!

I always love these things! Smiley Happy


1. I'm an identical twin but my sister and I definitely have our individual quirks and we've grown to look less similar over time.
2. I have a slight obsession with colours and colourful things. Oh and ducks... (there is an explanation behind that) Smiley Tongue 

3. I'm studying a BA majoring in French and English and I've been to Paris once which was awesome. Smiley Very Happy

4. I have a massive teddy bear called Chris. He also has a brother called Ted who belongs to my friend. 
5. I love chain watching TV programs.  

Re: 5 random things about you!

1. I have over 350 Beanie Kids

2. I love Meerkats

3. My room is all purple but I prefer the colour pink

4. I have my own little Zoo at home I have 1 Cat, 2 Dogs, 1 Bunny Rabbit, 1 Turtle and lots of Fish.

5. I love cuddling up to my Kitty when I am sad. 

Re: 5 random things about you!

  1.  I lick to lick the flavour off chips and biscuits but hate eating them.
  2.  I'm pretty sure that this mole I have on my stomach is actually a third nipple!
  3.  I love reading old classic novels like Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice is my favourite.
  4.  When I turn my arm I can crack my elbow... every time!
  5.  Currently I am nocturnal, in that for four days I have been sleeping during the day and awake at night!

Re: 5 random things about you!

1. I have an obsession with the cold war and soviets

2. I don't like fish unless its battered

3. I have just broken two of my fingers in my left hand while boating

4. Every night i have to plug and replug my iphone in about 20 times to get it to connect properly

5. I hate the sound of metal scraping metal

Re: 5 random things about you!

1. I collect free postcards and stick them on the walls in my room

2. I ALWAYS walk around when I brush my teeth

3. I'm an aunty, to an adorable little nephew

4. My guinea pigs are going to live to be the oldest guinea pigs in the world! They're 6 and going strong

5. I just spent my 18th birthday on top of the Eiffel Tower!

Re: 5 random things about you!

Jealous! That would be awesome. Smiley Happy

florenceforever wrote:

5. I just spent my 18th birthday on top of the Eiffel Tower!

@everyone else: It's awesome hearing all the random things about you all. Smiley Very Happy

Re: 5 random things about you!

1) I have 1/3 of a paper mache creation sitting on my desk...

2) Currently, one of my hands is cold, the other is warm.

3) I missed tonight's episode of Silk so will have to catch up online.

4) I have two doona covers. One is a jungle pattern, and the other's an underwater picture. 

5) I have a tailless cat. Cat Surprised