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Re: 5 random things about you!

i fall out of trees alot because i like climbing trees... and sometimes i slip

Re: 5 random things about you!

Transparent_fox I hope you don't get hurt when you fall! But climbing trees can be pretty fun!

Re: 5 random things about you!

Hey everyone i just joined today so i kind of had no clue what to do but here goes anything Smiley Happy


1. My favourite colour is light brown (like hot chocolate)

2. My dogs name is Misty named after Misty from Pokemon

3. I pick my nails not bite them

4. I love Jodi Picoult she is the best author in the world!

5. Im quite introverted and like being at home with my mum 



Re: 5 random things about you!

Hey wheatus, welcome to the forums! I pick my nails too... it's way more satisfying! I really need to stop though. Feel free to head over to the hang out subforum and... hang out. That's where most people post Smiley Happy Hope you're having a good Good Friday!

Re: 5 random things about you!

5 random things about me.

1. my nickname for a special group is 'bryan' because they reckon i look like him. (the dude off the smoke packet) lol

2. i get really really random bursts of energy

3. i absolutely LOVE dancing!! but i never dance infront of people

4. i take ALOT to heart.

5. Most guys tell me all the time that i have a good body. its good in a way but i hate it because i think they are just going to use me because of it.

Re: 5 random things about you!

Hey emilyashe,
I see you have posted here too Smiley Happy
I would love to be able to dance. I like dancing too, but I am too afraid to even dance by myself. Maybe one day I should take some lessons.
With your last point- that is one way of looking at it, another way is there is nothing more other than a compliment Smiley Happy

Love to see you around more Smiley Very Happy

Re: 5 random things about you!

I'm pretty random so this should be easy...


1- I physically cannot sit or stand still. 

2- I have to correct people if they get something wrong.

3- I started ju jitsu and won three awards in a row. 

4- Apparently I am very flexible in my wrists, elbows and arms which makes it almost impossible for people to get an arm bar on my in ju jitsu.

5- I have random moments of extreme energy where I can't sit still. 

Re: 5 random things about you!

@JustBe wrote:


Any thoughts on what I can do with 400 gum wrappers??

If you watch Modern Family, I think in a Thanksgiving episode one of the daughters made a chewing gum wrapper thing. Maybe you could do that?

Re: 5 random things about you!

1. I was once attacked by a circus monkey.

2. I was born with the tip of my tongue tied to the bottom of my mouth so I couldn't talk until I had it cut in an operation.

3. My favourite dish to cook is potato bake with coconut milk.

4. I live 40km away from the nearest shop.

5. My Dad named the creek on our property Wolf Creek.

Re: 5 random things about you!

Ok JackJackJackie, you HAVE to tell us the circus monkey story!


(also now I have that song in my head. Jack Jack Jackie.. say you, say you, say you feel the same...)