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Re: 5 random things about you!

1. I love milk (oh really? no way!)
2. I am an introvert
3. I play netball Smiley Happy
4. I am really good at tongue twisters
5. I have a little sister
Bonus: I have two dogs called Willow & Oscar

Re: 5 random things about you!

1.One of my favourite food is lamp's splene.(many don't like it but i love it)

2.When sleep afternoon after a intense day at school  it's almost sure I will wake up with a headache.(why is this thing happening!?)

3.Sometimes when I'm dreaming , I have consciousness of it and i try to change the dream's story as I want

4.I'm not competitive

5.I can juggle 3 apples with two hands and 2 with one hand(my next goal is 4)QueasyPitifulBird-size_restricted.gif