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A Forum Newsletter... got any ideas?

Hey Forum Users,


The Crew and Mods are looking into starting a Forum Newsletter. We've got a few ideas, but we thought what better than to get them straight from users themselves?!? I mean you guys are pretty awesome right?


So if you guys got a newsletter all about the Forums what would you like to see there? What floats you boat? What makes you smile? What sparks your interest?


We'll happily look into all suggestions and see which ones we can reasonably include!


So get thinking!




Re: A Forum Newsletter... got any ideas?

This sounds like a cool idea!


Here are a few of my ideas:

1. A recent motivational quote from the motivational quotes thread (like at the bottom of the page or something).
2. Dates of future GR sessions and info buses.
3. Maybe a short summary of info from a recent GR (this would be difficult to summarise though)

4. The current community challenge (and maybe a quote of what users have been saying?)

5. Maybe links to popular threads (i.e. twitRO - come and chat with other forum users here, or 3 positives of today - come and share your positives here)

6. A link to the current forum member interview (with a little bit of info about the user underneath if room)

7. Possibly some links to relevant previous GR seshes or fact sheets (i.e. coping with the holidays ones during the holidays, or exam/ study ones during study times)


That's all I can think of for now. I'm sure others will have some awesome ideas Smiley Happy



Re: A Forum Newsletter... got any ideas?

These are some brilliant ideas DD. I think you were made to help out with this stuff.


Let us know if you have any more!



Re: A Forum Newsletter... got any ideas?

I think DD summed it up quite well!

the summary could be taken from the end of the GR session, ie you could put all or some parts of the summary made by the mod that is at the very end of the sesh?

I think the Friday fives would be a good thread to mention, like if those posts were regnosied in the neswletter? As like a positive achievment or somehting? I just like the whole idea of the thread Smiley Happy

I had a couple other thoughts too, but do you think I can remember them?? nope. haha.. Maybe if I'm lucky they might come back to me soon, so I can pop them in Smiley Tongue

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart


Re: A Forum Newsletter... got any ideas?

I hope they do come back to you soon Bee. Let us know when they do.